Monday, November 1, 2010

November. Yesvember.

So. Good news. My friend Chelsea and I are doing a little experiment this November. We're calling it Operation No Hair Left Behind. We are taking Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins to increase the growth of our hair. We also invested in Mane and Tail Shampoo to assist in the process. We are trying to speedy-up the process of our hair growth. We will be documenting the progress weekly by taking pictures and drawing lines on the door of our closet. I will keep you posted on this adventure. I know you will be on the edge of your seat with excitement. We hope to have Indian braids by Thanksgiving. I need an Indian braid since my Aunt Betsy and I are putting on a Thanksgiving Day Play. I titled it A Thanksgiving to Remember: An Exclusive One-Time-Deal Performance by Betsy and Peyton with the help of Kessler on piano and Mother of Pearl narrating. So Im an Indian in the play and thats why I need an Indian braid.

Today marks the first day of No Shave November. I am participating. This is my third year. Legs and armpits people. and upper lip. of course. Stache-tastic.

Tomorrow I am going to the National Peanut Festival. One of my favorite places. Fairgrounds. I love all the people and smelly things. Fairgrounds smell of BO and feet. And fried foods. ew. But I love it. I like to run and play. Last year if you dont remember I became best friends with an elephant that was kind enough to probably leave its country and give rides. It reached out and touched my hand. I reached out mine in return and then it happened. The golden moment. Elephants never forget. That one sure wont.

I am nearly back in the craft business. I will be making Thanksgiving crafts soon. Such as turkeys, pilgrims, mayflowers and Indians and such. Just wait. Just you wait Mr. Higgins. My Fair Lady reference. Duh. I love Julie Andrews. I read her Bio once. Im on to different things now.