Thursday, April 30, 2009

toys go in the toy box.

recent artists ive listened to. ryan adams. mat kearney. joshua james. brooke waggoner. noah and the whale. fats domino. dustin kensrue. andrew bird.

i have read 3 books in the past 4 weeks. i should win. an award.

abraham lincoln once said if you are racist, i will attack you with the north.

update: el guapo is still alive and has healthy bones. healthy fish bones.

i just read edgar allen poe. Jesus take the wheel.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


there is a meteor shower this week. lyrids meteor shower. me and some friends rode our bikes to this place. it was full of sand piles, and small valleys. or something. anyways, we built a fire and roasted marshmallows. and we watched lyrids meteor shower til 1:30 in the morning. it is supposed to be happening for a few nights i think. so you might want to watch it. God is big. we are small.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

arrival time back at school: 3:30am. wake up time: 6:30 am.

i had the privelidge of going to see dave matthews band and old crow medicine show last night. they played at the oak mtn amphitheater. aaron spigner got two tickets. he knows a friend who knows a friend who knows the five. we got there a little late...driving from florida was a disadvantage. as we were pulling in to park i rolled down the window only to find something terrible. something so terrible we shreaked w disappointment. 'wagon wheel' coming from their instruments never made us so angry. we didnt even get to hear our favorite song. unfortunately all the parking lots were full and they directed us to park somewhere on highway 119. we sprinted all the way. literally. we screamed 'we're coming we're coming!' but i dont think the band heard us bc by the time we got in OCMS was already done. we wanted to throw up. and then die. luckily, dave matthews band was kickin. he is an amazing person in concert. one song, he got crazy and started dancing all over the place. he has rhythm. a funny rhythm. i loved it. i love him. to top it off he sang a cover...'burnin down the house' by talking heads. also, to our advantage, it was national pot day. heh.

on the way back we listened to the entire phantom of the opera soundtrack. and sang nearly every word. i was the girl. he was

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I went to my first yoga class tonight. It was exactly what I expected. Except the room was smaller than I imagined. And there were not so many people. There were older people too. Our teacher, she is very nice. Funny. Easy going. Ya know, the usual yoga instructor, I guess.

When we first started she had us sit Indian style and close our eyes. To relax. She told us to focus on breathing. Well, as you already know from previous posts I don’t do this very well. there is something I find extremely funny when someone forces silence upon me. I found myself pleading with Jesus to keep me from laughing. I was literally on the verge of bursting.

She would of course name the poses we were going to do right before we did them, and I wanted to laugh horrendously every time…she would name the yoga pose while she was exhaling…in this deep raspy voice…”batsumanaha…” this is when I began praying for Jesus to help me.

A lists of some poses we did: childs pose. face cow. Mountain. Cobra. Grandfather cobra. Warrior. Bridge pose. Cat.

To be honest it did relax me, not in a religious way, but it is healthy to flex your body and stretch.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my fish has a moustache.

There is a new member to my family. El guapo is my fish. Gold fish.

he is made of real gold. only i know this. well, and you. he is a special fish.

He isn’t like any other fish. He does tricks. He jumpz, I moves ze bowl, he jumpz back in. when I feed him, he circles around the bowl at a rate unlike any other fish. today i cleaned his bowl. it smelt like poop. i loved it. its like, when your kid poops, you still love him the same. well, thats how it is for me and el guapo.

My friend won him for me at a rattlesnake rodeo. He has had many adventures already. He is a traveler indeed. We were meant to be together.

El guapo translated means the handsome.

he really likes the oak ridge boys. or, as he calls them, the oak ridge men.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

venom on my tires.

just yesterday i was driving along, on a small highway when i see this small long black thing up ahead. it was wiggling its way across the road. or slithering, should i say. it was indeed the black momba. these snakes have a wide range of known locations. savannahs, woods, and maybe rocky surfaces. notice, the road, is not one of them. when i was getting closer, it delivered multiple strikes to my car. it was obviously threatening me. i couldnt help but run over it. and it wasnt fast enough. and i hate snakes. some ask, "did you mean to hit it?" answer: 'the black mamba is one of the largest and most deadliest snakes in the decide for yourself.' after i hit it, i pulled over and got out of my car. i skinned it and i am making shoes and belts. it was a 10 footer. also, i checked its belly for gold. black mambas are known for eating buried treasure.

Friday, April 3, 2009

cakes and candles. mmm.

its the best day ever. in 2009 of course. aka birf birf birfday. im 21. now and forever. forever young bebeh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

with this cave.....i shape my destiny!

I went rock climbing with aaron and Andrew spigner Saturday. it was fun. Unitl I almost plummeted to my death. I climbed 4 rocks, which is a lot for me bc my fingers get tired after the first two…and we were about to leave when aaron said “why don’t you try the cave?” I said noooo way. Its too hard and my fingers are already tired. It was one of the higher ones…I said I really shouldn’t bc im tired. Well, I usually don’t give into peer pressure, but I did. It only got me in trouble. I got to the top and got stuck. I felt like my arms/fingers were slowly giving up on my life. it was like someone sucked all the strength out of my body. I started feeling nauseated. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to give up on my life. I told Aarons brother that he was going to have to speedy on up there and help me. So he did. And he gave me a hand and pulled me out of that horrendous cave.

It was two rocks together and it made a cave. When you get closer to the top you can actually put your back on one side and your legs on the other in a sitting position. But somehow there was no strength in my body, so I was only able to be in this sitting position for so long.

Some have asked, “will you ever attempt the cave boulder again?”

I think so…i think so.