Monday, April 28, 2008

Nothing but the wind in my hair...

I just finished writing my english paper. It counts as our "final." Its teachnically my last final, minus math. I hate writing papers. It feels as if Ive been writing this paper for years. It was on Shakespeares "Othello." Boring (ben bannister voice). I was so excited when I finished that I went outside and rode my bike around the block screaming "IM DONE WITH THE SEMESTERRRRRR!!!!!" Jk. I DID however ride my bike.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


approximately 16 days til i leave for camp.

i really like m&ms. prestons eating some right now, i can hear him.

i also really like the soundtrack to "Dan in Real Life," if you havent seen that movie, see it. its great. steve carell is hilarious.

i went to a wedding yesterday and i wore heels, and consequently i have blisters on my feet.

i am finally not working at J.Crew anymore. i am proud to say that yesterday was my last day. hallelujah.

my car was making a funny noise today. i think it needs more oil. or an oil change. or something. i remember in high school when quinn taught us how to change oil. but i dont really recall how to do so.

i watched Homeward Bound the other day, ya know, about the two dogs and cat that can talk...well, this is the only movie i will cry in. isnt that funny...i find it hard to cry to most movies, but for some reason when its about animals i will be balling at the end. (or in this case throughout the movie)

i love my fake glasses. everybody thinks they are real. haha psych.

i met a girl named wesley to day at church. ive never met a girl with that name.

finals are tomorrow. nuff said.


Friday, April 25, 2008

new fall...

i will be attending "Baptist College of Florida." my parents think its the best solution for school. so thats where ill be going. im not to excited (only bc i have no choice) but it is probably the best school. i would like to do mission work somewhere when im finished with school. and then im going to be a teacher. so this school i think is really going to help. i dont know why i am always feeling isolated. i cant really tell if God is trying to show me something. but good things happened when i went to Doe River last summer not knowing anyone...i had the time of my life, and made new best friends.

sometimes it is so hard to just trust God. i know he knows best and he is sovereign but its hard. i want to be in his will. and i want him to be glorified. i guess i need to think that way all the time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"My Final Year" by Brittani Sampson

i found this in the trunk of my car, i thought it was funny...and pretty good!

Its my final year
Its already here
Just a few more days
And my spirits will raise
I wont be depressed
Cause I wont be stressed
When my work is done
And whats left is fun
Summer fun, I mean
My schedule is clean
Al essays are through
No more homework due
No papers, problems
Teachers to slove them
Cause summer is here
But college is near
And my G.P.A.
Is on its way
to the admissions
Which I will wish on
For them to receive
And then to believe
That Im worth their time
Not a dozen a dime
Ill hold my head high
And time will pass by
Graduations here
So long, Final year!

(i wish this were talking about our final year of college!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

random thinkings.

i leave for camp in 24 days!...good ole rocky top woo, rocky top Tennessee!

my dad tells me that when i stand in front of the microwave (while its running) that its cooking my brain...

when i was little, i used to think that the trees make the wind...however, its the wind that makes the trees blow.

i got a ticket...not for speeding...not for having drugs in my car...not for shooting someone...but for not "completely stopping at a stop sign..." It was twelve o'clock MIDNIGHT, in a neighborhood, on my BIRTHDAY nonetheless...yep. $133. my parents werent even upset. that man is ridiculous. he was just bored. thanks for the present officer!

i babysat 4 kids all day yesterday. i am tired.

i had a dream last night that everybody i knew lived in a huge big top tent. and the only food we had was cheetos. mmm.

im pretty sure im going to montevallo in the fall. im gonna live with sampson and her roommate.
i love spring weather minus all the freakin POLLEN! my allergies. ugh. i cant even talk about the word pollen or ill start sneezing.

i turned in my TWO WEEKS NOTICE at J.Crew! im so relieved. i dont like that place. everybody ignores me bc they know im a Christ follower. but its ok. i did my best at working hard.

ive been watching The Office season two all week. sampson let me borrow it. im giving it back to her today and shes giving me season 1.

i like this quote:"michael and i have a very special connection, hes like the lone ranger and im like tonto...its not like it was the lone ranger and tonto...and bonto..." -dwight

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


...i was caught red-handed. stealing m&ms out of the trail mix bag...yep. ive been doing it for years, but dad and preston caught me. oh my.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

april 3rd. the best day.

i like birthdays. oh, how ironic it is that im blogging about birthdays...and its my birhtday! ha!

i really like this cake bc i like bluegrass music.