Sunday, December 28, 2008

the dinosaur DNA.

i got something for christmas that really excites me. i. got. rock. climbing. shoes. itll be so much easier now. however i havent been able to use them yet because of the rain. hopefully soon though.

ski trip with the college group this week. i already know we are gonna have good times. and we are gonna laugh so much. i cant wait to hit the slopes.

im currently watching jurassic park. mmm. dinosuars. so intense.

im at a loss for words. kbye.

Monday, December 22, 2008

God bless the USA. aka Johnson City, TN.

so. tennessee. fun. adventures. good times seeing the people i love a lot. new people too. i gave and received a lot of hugs. it makes me sad to think i wont see them for a while. it all happened so fast but i really had a wonderful time. i also love driving. especially if yor listening to good music. and especially to the mountains. they have a piece of my heart.

i hiked part of the million mile trail. aka the appalachian trail. i hiked part of it. yes! it was a new day. an unforgettable day. i will hike more someday. we saw an old cabin. i nearly climbed in it. we came to a meadow. and we looked the stars for a long time. and we saw a cloud that looked like a dragon. we decided that anything/everything can look like a dragon.

i want to think im not a sentimental person. however. i really am. really. ill keep anything that was involved in a special moment or a funny moment. to me, its a treasure. its also the small things that are so important to me. me and some friends found a plastic toy turtle. i carried it w me on the hike. in my left hand. its small and insignificant. but to me, it means the world. i havent named it yet. thats a really important job and could take days.

my dear friend rachael randolph informed me that JFK and C.S. Lewis died on the same day. interesting.

it was a good weekend. good times. good laughs. good people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

all the wild horses.

so the new thing to do at parties is play jenga. duh. the best music to listen to while playing is none other than bob marley.

we also played balderdash. so funny. people can think of the craziest things.

im currently downloading sigur ros on my ipod. mmm. and some other stuff. i got to have new tunes for the drive...

im off to tennessee tomorrow! the day finally came. i never thought it would. the camp i work at ( throws a big christmas party every year. everyone thats ever worked there can come. i love the people up there. we have close bonds.

i still need to make paper snowflakes.

im aksdhfuenjgniv. aka hungry.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

dragon tears = jelly beans.

tonight i had so many laughs. they werent just laughs. they were really good ones. ones that come around every once in a while. laughs that make your stomach hurt are the real ones. the treasures.

the laughs were taken place at the 'owen family christmas party.' aka jonathan and kristin's house. we played this extremely hilarious game. i think it was called party showdown. or something. and we played jenga. the worlds greatest game.

we made things like monsters and christmas trees out of jenga pieces too.

i hate corn bread. its dry and crumbly. maybe it thinks im dry and crumbly...

today i threw something on my bed while my cat was taking a nap, she might of had a mild heart attack. then she looked at me and im pretty sure she was thinking, 'who do you think you are.'

it was supposed to snow yesterday. i knew it wasnt going to. i lost hope i know. i have a good reason though. last year when i was working at j.crew it snowed. i was working. when i got off work i went home only to find no more snow. that was the worst christmas ever. (sufjan song.) so since it was SUPPOSED to snow yesterday, my mom let me have an early christmas present. it was a hat and a scarf. how nice of her to let me have it when it was supposed to snow. even though it didnt, i had a very warm head and neck.

sufjan stevens christmas albums are the best. duh. i wish i could make you listen to them.

its 2:30 in the morning. and my arms are cold from not being under the covers bc im blogging. aka typing. and to all a good night.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

share bread. share moments.

I know what space smells like. apple cider. It smells like apple cider. The starbucks kind.

finals. are. over. party. time. is. here. all. the. time.

favorite christmas song that i completely forgot about. ‘simply havin a wonderful christmas time.’ i cant believe my brain almost forgot.

i went to the library today. i hate reading however i got a book. a dear friend of mine told me a good one. and we are the same. so i think ill like it.

im reading it. and drinking coffee. i wish i could say im sitting by a fire as well, but i can only say im sitting by a space heater. but im also eating saltine crackers with peanut butter. which makes everything better.

salvation army bells are ringing. christmas is here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

cecelian legless lizard.

im watching the grinch (jim carrey) for the 4th time this season. it never ceases to amazing me.

If I were a superhero I would have an endless supply of poisoness mushrooms. Duh.

bear grylls. nuff said.

i received a batman coloring book from a friend yesterday. along with everything else thats my favorite. bubble gum. and recee cups.

im nearly finished with finals!!!!!!!!! it does my heart glad.

ill be home for christmas.

love is magic.

Monday, December 1, 2008

magnetic gold.

guess what? i have really hairy legs. no shave november duh. its over. i can shave now. (you should see my arm pits.)

im currently learning a new song on my mandolin. this is the song. 'Rise' by Eddie Vedder. aka lead singer of pearl jam. a musical genius. this song is magical.

im going to make paper snowflakes very soon. i watched elf last night and i love christmas.

i found a leaf today at school. its bigger than my head.

all my exams are this week. aka a week early than theyre scheduled for. which means ill be home for christmas...

i get to go to Tennessee for a christmas party. doe river gorges christmas party. i cant wait to see everyone. and we will most likely go sledding. bc theres snow up there. and big hills.

the hills are alive with the sound of music.

Friday, November 28, 2008

cotton socks.

a dear friend of mine asked me the other day what my favorite christmas song was. i tried to give a quick answer but nothing came to mind. not one song popped in my head that I would label my favorite.

and i puzzled and puzzled til my puzzler was sore. (grinch)

i couldn’t come up with ANYthing. I like them all.

Well, of course im always listening to christmas music on the radio, duh, and ive been paying close attention to all of the songs, trying to come up with one that could possibly be titled my favorite.

…well, im hear to tell you that I still cant come up with one. However since I cant give you ONE, here are a few of my favorites…

Do you hear what I hear? - whitney Houston

Rockin around the Christmas tree - brenda lee

it’s the most wonderful time of the year – bing crosby

it’s the holiday season - ?

jingle bell rock – bobby helms

have a holly jolly Christmas – burl ives

its time to start saying merry christmas bc its nearly here. ive already watched elf, the grinch (fake and real), home alone, and a Christmas story. Christmas movies/music warm my heart. and bless my soul.

on that note. merry christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

silver tuna.

i always forget how hilarious Home Alone is. that movie is comedy if ive ever seen it. me and some friends that watched it made cookies and hot chocolate and apple cider. and we drank milk. when i get the cookies fresh out of the oven i always want to pour the milk on them. kind of like sprinkles. i feel like it would make it so much better.

i went rock climbing today. i feel so strong. i climbed over 4 big boulders. my hands were a bit shaky.

i got my hair cut. i decided a day before i got it done. i knew if i didnt get it right away, i would change my mind. so its all gone.

orange juice hates picky people.

its currently thanksgiving. according to my clock. 12:20 happy thanksgiving.

i talked to my friend in Ukraine. i know. how incredibly awesome. Skype. get it.

i was playing with some of my favorite kids the other day and i was giving the boy, Josiah (who is autistic) a piggy back ride, and he was eating a sucker and he said, 'ya know what, peyton? this sucker is sooo yummy. just like you.' i laughed.

a whole bunch of us have been playing volleyball in the gym late at night. we always laugh so hard.

grandmas cookin tomorrow. mmm. i can almost taste it now. im thankful for her. not bc of her cooking, but bc of who she is. she is a very cool person. she cares so much about family, and more importantly, God. ive never seen someone with such a heart for the Lord as her. i can only hope to be a grandma like her someday. and my mom. both of them put together.

happy thanksgiving. aka happy grandma day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

me and my dad are currently watching animal planet…the title of the show is called whale wars…

the japanese go out and kill whales for, i guess, by-products and such. some ‘american whale lovers’ don’t like it, so they go out and try and stop the japanese from killing the whales. they are throwing stink bombs on the japanese ship. stink bombs. on the stink bombs they wrote things like ‘whales!’ and ‘we like whales!’

im so confused. why cant they just make whale killing illegal. this seems so stupid. if they really want to stop them then why don’t they just kill them.

the americans ships name is ‘steve erwin.’

and the american ship can talk to the japanese ship…but the americans are, of course, talking in english…um, don’t people from japan speak in japanese…oh wait, nevermind, they have this japanese translation book.

also, another way of ‘stopping’ the japanese from killing whales is they throw this ‘propellar choke line’ floating ball in front of the ship hoping that the ball will get caught in the propeller and slow them down.

unfortunately, they missed the first time.

um i hate this show.

on a different drinking wassail.

Friday, November 21, 2008


im home for thanksgiving. it feels so good. i have all of next week off. aka everyday of next week. monday-friday. augh. and my break has only just begun. so what shall i do on my break you might ask? well...the world only knows. im most likely gonna have some really fun adventures. in the cold. maybe have good conversation at starbucks, run the hidden pine trails of the forest, watch a good movie, time travel, use my imagination with my favorite kids in the whole wide world, get lost in the wilderness, paint something, hop a train, eat lots of sushi, duh, make a craft, the possibilities are endless. im just glad all these things are waiting on me. happy everything.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the cirlce of life.

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]

Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]


Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [A lion and a leopard come to this open place]

well i do love this song. it blesses my heart. top 5. to be honest, it has never crossed my mind to look up the lyrics to this. as much as i love it you would think i would have it down. however, when me and my brother used to sing it, we pretty much said it right. i mean, reading it, well, thats how we pronounced it. we apparently have good ears.

ive been coloring lately. i colored a picture today. it was of a fairy. i colored her hair the color of 'razzmatazz.' yeah. i know.

my friend went to Tennessee this past weekend. she brought me back a red leaf. we're pretty much best friends now.

tonight BCF had a talent show. me and my friend lip-sung 'bohemian rhapsody' by queen. needless to say, we came in third. im sure someone took a video and maybe i can get it on here.

i have the whole week off next week. happy thanksgiving. duh.

Monday, November 17, 2008

dragon warrior.

i watched Kung Fu Panda last night...hilarious. i laughed the entire movie.

theres this girl named sam at my school. she has extremely cute curly black hair. well today at lunch i named one of her curls after me. aka peyton. it was a really curly one.

i might paint today. i havent really decided what though. i painted two pictures for two of my friends in TN a few weeks ago.

its cold today. im wearing a striped cardigan sweater. duh.

im still really glad that christmas music is on the radio.

im sitting in my dorm room and i have the window opened and some guy just drove by and we made eye contact. awkward.

im excited its nearly thanksgiving break. and soon after break. ptl.

my heart is on the ocean.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

life is good.

so. so. so. i am watching Hook. one of my all time favorite movies. it is the movie of my life.

also. while i am watching Hook, im making moccasins. homemade indian moccasin shoes. is there anything better? (i am a real indian.)

ide say its been a good night.

Friday, November 14, 2008

step up 2: king of thieves.

i found something i love. i hung christmas lights in my dorm room. theyre not those regular lights, theyre the big round 'satin' lights. i hung them, turned out the ceiling light and felt like i was in a new world. merry christmas.

i want a good book to read. i actually hate reading but for some reason ive been wanting to read a good book. i want an adventurous book. like maybe something that has to do with traveling. traveling is good. and adventurous.

i really like bubble gum. the possibilities are endless.

when i was little i had this stuffed animal and i named it sister mary clarence.

so apparently spiders arent afraid of heights. really. think about it.

its friday and i have no homework. go ahead, congratulate me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

fun things.

good news. i made a 97 on my extremely hard geometry project.

and i made a 77 on my philosophy christian worldview test. (thats also good news).

tomorrow is 'preview day' at school. everyone is cleaning like their life depends on it. im blogging. aka not cleaning bc our room is always clean. lucky for us.

i bought apples the other day. im eating one now and it is soggy and i think i might throw up. soggy apples are so stupid.

ive been playing the game catch phrase a lot. theres a group of us that plays quite often. a 'phrase' that i came across was 'ballistic missile.' am i supposed to explain THAT. i thought it was a funny one. and im gonna start using it in a sentence.

theres this 'drive through convenience store' right down the road. me and my friend went and got boiled peanuts the other night. fabulous.

we put a christmas tree up in the day room. it has a blinking star on top of it. its probably the north star.

i really like the movie 'the ringer.' i know i know. but theres something about that movie that really makes me laugh.

there is this guy named will at school. he is handicapped and he is always listening to music. i always want to know what he is listening to. last night he told me he could freestyle rap so i beat-boxed for him and he tore it up. i never wouldve thought...

Monday, November 10, 2008

new favorites.

i feel like a new person. listen. i have a very new taste in music. well, its not really new, but ive put a lot of new songs on my ipod. so im listening to new music a lot more.

joanna newsom.

wild sweet orange.

jon foreman.

gillian welch.

a fine frenzy.

brooke wagner.

kim taylor.

david rawling.

yael naim.


devendra banhart.

imogen heap.

these are all new people. sort of.

guess what?! ive been playing my harmonica a lot. i carry it with me everywhere.

Friday, November 7, 2008

live news.

halloween was fun. i wish i could dress up as something everyday.

'peyton' is latin and it means 'village warrior.'

we lost our frisbee game yesterday.

me and some friends played catch phrase til 3:00 am this morning.

i watched 'cool runnings' the night before last. i love it so much.

me and sierra are getting a fish for our room.

im wearing mens golf pants.

im very excited that christmas music is on the radio.

i had a geometry project due this morning and we were supossed to decorate it. i decorated mine with feather. after i finished last night i made an indian hat.

theres a turtle named herman that lives in our dayroom. its a baby and he lives in a tank.

i played 'hang on sloopy' by the mccoys last night on a jukebox. it cost a quarter. ide say it was well worth it.

im getting a bike for christmas.

i put some new songs on my ipod. 'leavin' by jesse mccartney is one of them. that song makes me dance. it gets in my bones.

i cleaned out my room last weekend. i feel like a new person. i have about 7 empty drawers. but i have that feeling like i lost something, i threw away so much. some of it was junk and needed to be thrown away but other stuff i had a hard time letting go. but i knew i had to. sniff sniff.

im babysitting tonight and tomorrow night. i cant tell you the last time i babysat. im excited.

gillian welch and joanna newsom and david rawling.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pro chicken...anti wing.

confession. i hate wings. i hate them.

last night in the cafeteria they were serving all kinds of chicken wings. well 'teriyaki' was one of them. now, i already knew i didnt like them, but i thought i would give them a second chance. im not gonna lie, they looked really good. so i got them...and they were really good. it had a good taste to it, but in the process of eating them, i got teriyaki sauce all over my face, i dropped one and it literally rolled all the way down my new jacket and onto the floor, and in the end, i was still hungry. so obviously i regreted giving them a second chance. eating them is pointless...POINTLESS!

now, i will admit they do taste good, but they are so stupid. you work SO hard to get SO little meat. that is why they are pointless. in fact, im gonna make a list of how dumb they are:

1. they are extremely messy.
2. you use up about 50 napkins in the process.
3. you only get so much meat.
4. you are hungry in the end.
5. and who looks good while eating these things? no one. its very unattractive.

so there. there you have it. hate me if you will. in my opinion, they are the worst idea ever.


here are some pictures from last night:

me and mustard. i hate mustard.

Peter Pan sewing down his shadow...

Sarah Palin and McCain came!!!

The Joker and his accomplices.

"Gang Green..." haha get it?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a post of good news.

my school through a halloween party. except we called it 'incognito.' so guess what i was? i was an old school aerobics teacher. it was great. starting from the top i wore a teazed sidepony tail, along with teazed bangs, a scrunchy, and a bright pink sweat band. next i wore my bathing suit (serving as the leotard), a purple sweat shirt with the neck, sleeves, and bottom cut off, a rainbow sweatband on my wrist, weirdly colored tights, bright green shorts, leg warmers, and my blue converse. complete with "sky blue" eyeshadow and glitter.

i found out out something new today...that left-handed people dont live as long as right-handed people do. this topic came up in worldview (random, i know) for some reason. so i raised my hand and said, "well im becoming hows it looking for me..." my teacher said, "well then your immortal!" YES! i win.

it really is feeling like fall. i cant even begin to explain how happy my heart is. me and my friend had to 'get away' yesterday and we went to barnes and noble and got chai tea lattes. mmm. my favorite. it was my third for this season. i knew it was fall when the wind blew really hard and i was holding my latte with both hands close to my face. like on elf when he drinks his coffee with liquor in it...and he says, "mmmmm, i love syrup." i love that movie. i just want to hang out with him. actually, while we are on the subject of coffee and hanging out with cool people...ive always wanted to hang out with morgan freeman. he seems like the perfect person to 'get coffee with and just talk.' i dont know what we would talk about...maybe time travel...or all the different colors in a crayon box...maybe the best chili recipe...or favorite poems and books...anyways he seems like a good peep.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Alphabet Soupe Store.

i went home this weekend. it was pleasant. me, kristin riley, rachel jones, and meredith derosa had this incredible idea to have this 'alphabet store' and sell something of each letter. we would only have ONE thing for each letter.

like this:

A- armoire.
B- baguette.
C- uh...i never wrote C down.
D- dingleberry.
E- eeps peeps.
F- faggot.
G- gargoyle.
H- hysterectomy.
I- iggy pop.
J- jinosaur.
K- kickstand.
L- linoleum.
M- myrrh.
N- niglet.
O- oil spill.
P- peg leg.
Q- quick sand.
R- rat egg.
S- stark raving lunatic.
T- toothfairy.
U- umbilical cord.
V- victoria's secret.
W- wiseman.
X- x-ray.
Y- yodel.
Z- zickerman's famous pig!

we figured that these are some pretty good things, so they're probably gonna sell out, so we thought we would have lots of stores everywhere, each store containing different things.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


home. warm. casseroles. barefoot. blankets. fall. paper airplanes. sunsets. rocking chairs. back porch. coffee. fellowship. conversation. john freeman. black. racism. bad. mushrooms. poison. snakes. lizards. shoots. ladders. construction. hard hats. butt cracks. plumbers. butt cracks. mullets. rednecks. joe dirt. worms. fishing. boats. pirates. argh. patch. patch eye peyton. peg leg. beards. possibilities. macaroni and cheese. milk. the grefsengs. fun. adventures. daring. batman.

thats all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my insides are of whiz.

im eating wheat thins and cheese whiz. aka im living in a CHEESE WHIZ WORLD! life is good.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

falling waters state park.

we had a day at the park. it was an adventure indeed.

these are my friends. sierra, my roommate, is on the left. the other is becca.

we ate lots of goldfish. mmm.

we had lots of fun jumping off the swings. although, we could never immitate this picture again. its pretty weird and awkward.

i thought this was a cool picture.

we sold some stuff. " a few baseball cards, sack of marbles...aha peedie..." (dumb and dumber)

i spit on becca. it was really funny.

butts out! these are our best sides.

trail blazers....hey, that reminds me of a song...'saddle up your horses...we got a trail to blaze...waa-ooo-ooo.'

we had a lot of fun. and then later we played cards on the dock at the lake and 'star gazed.' a day to remember.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

carbonation, tents, and...

ok so, i never drink sodas. i dont really ever crave them either. however, every once in a while i'll have one, kind of like to reward myself for not having them. when i have one, it tastes sooooo good.

i am having one now. it feels like a special occasion. its a mr. pibb. XTRA! it was 60 cents. pretty well worth it ide say. mmm.

on a different note, me and some friends are going camping this weekend. in tents. i cant wait, i love camping. i cant resist that 'tent' smell. and the fire smell. and the old sleeping bag smell. aaauuugghhh. the great outdoors.

my ambidextrious hand is writing better and better everyday. thanks for asking.

i think i aced my earth science test this morning. (fingers crossed)

theres this song, its been stuck in my head all day, you may have heard of it...johnny cash...ring of fire...? can i get a witness?

i have to go tend to my garden. im growing skittles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a rude interruption.

well im currently in the library studying. (which contradicts my previous post, ya know, the one titled "whos uses the library to study anyways?") well, i have been quietly studying, with out any distractions, or anybody else around, for approximately 2 hours. all of a sudden, out of the blue, this huge black man sits down a few tables across from me. he actually looks like Kevin from the office. he has that 'mmm hmm' look on his face. let me clarify something, i am not racist. ok, good, shew, glad i got that off my chest. he got out a candy bar which goes against the sign directly above him reading: "Notice: please. no candy bars are allowed in the library...upon any circumstances." just kidding, although i WISH there was a sign that said that, bc him+loud candy wrapper sound+smacking does NOT go well with my studies. he ended his candy bar excursion with the licking of all his fingers. soon after he noticed all of his fingers were squeaky clean, he then topped his delicious meal off with a piece of orbit chewing gum. (which led to non-stop smacking......aka this is the current update of my life right now...) Jesus take the wheel.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a whale of a tale.

today i sailed the seven seas. for transportation i used a kayak. but im back, because my arms got tired. to be honest...i didnt get very far. on my short adventure, i met a whale named agadale, and two sharks named monkey, and shark. and that was only a taste of my short expedition. there were a potpourri of other adventures.

me and my friends went to the beach today, we took kayaks. it was a tale to tell indeed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

maybe i could be a volcanoe.

its october! yay! its been october for a while but im still excited. its that time of year where we get to dress up and eat lots of candy...mmm.

candy corn is one of my favorite foods.

i still dont know what i want to be for halloween. i was thinking i would be link again but im just not sure. maybe i could be a doubt. i love zelda. and video games.

maybe i could be a funk beat. or a memory from an old playground. or a meatless diet. or an indian. that sounds fun. speaking of indians, last night me and my friend went to dicks and bought a blow gun. with fake darts. the directions say not to use the gun for shooting people. weve been shooting people. it also says to have adult supervision.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rain and aliens.

today is rainy. i love these days every once in a while.

i feel trapped in the library.

its monsuming and i think the building is about to collapse.

i am wearing my rainboots. its a good thing. or else my feet would be very very wet.

i think i might go for a bike ride later. riding in puddles is a fun experience. it makes me feel care free. me and my friend did it a few weeks ago, i think i blogged about it, well it was very exciting. and we got wet.

on a completely different note, me and my friend started this secret note thing in the library, its where we write notes and leave them in this book titled UFO'S Interplanetary Visitors.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

who uses the library to study anyway...

today i played hide and go seek in the library. it was so fun. i love those times when you know you have to be quiet yet those are the times everything is so hilarious. i always get the giggles when i HAVE to be quiet. i love those moments. to me, its simplicity that makes life fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

arguments in fall.

what happened to the glorious fall weather??? i dont know why it left. its weird to think about...two of the greatest seasons are fall and spring, and they're the ones that dont last for very long. it seems like fall gets here and then shortly after, its already time for winter! and winter always seems to linger on, and then spring arrives gets here, and then its already time for summer!

here is some commentary:

fall: yay! im the greatest season! im here im here!

winter: please, you wouldnt last a day in this seasonal rotation. get out of here!

winter: its going to be a loooooong cooooool dryyyyy winter. heh heh.

spring: hey its my turn!!! i want a turn!!! let me in let me in!

winter: not yet! im going to start a blizard in march! ha!

spring: but that'll only give me...1,2,3,4...59 days! ugh. i hate you.

summer: moooooove over! its summertime!

thats really how it is. i love fall and spring. but they only last so long.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


this weekend was fun. and very eventful.

friday i came home and me and brittany moore went to the southern womens show and tasted free samples of ver yummy things. after that we went to a local band gig. haha i just said gig. it was the 'great book of john.' theyre really good. and saturday we went to the 'bluff park art show.' we do it every year. i love it. i love to look at peoples paintings.

i like to stay busy.

also i got swoopy bangs!!!!! i know i know. i am enjoying them so far.

i need to do homework now. i procrastinate. kbye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i have something else to say...

i am positive ducks only eat bread. thats why people are always feeding them. these ducks next to me are vegitarian. they are eating grass. maybe they eat insects? no...most of the time they are in the no...they dont eat fish. poop? .....its a possibility. ok maybe not.

just bread. im bound to think they just eat bread.


its the 3rd most perfect day of the year. i love this. it makes me want to do lots of things:

ride my bike.

sit by a lake (like im doing now).

read a book with my room window open.

eat an apple under a big tree.

play ultimate frisbee.

listen to ray lamontagne.

and other various artists.

write in my journal.

wear a dress.

go to the beach.

drive with my windows down.

be barefoot all day.

i wish i could say i did all of these. however i did do MOST of these...

these things listed warm the cockles of my heart. they give me a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and contentment.

the day after yesterday.

me and some friends have been playing scrabble. i played the most intense scrabble game of my life last night. i loved it. last week, me and this girl got so into it and she ended up winning by only a few points. well, sadly to say, last night, she beat me by a point. a POINT!!! i was so disapointed. the sad part is i was head the WHOLE a lot of points. :(

we are about to watch pocahontas. my favorite character of all time. if i were any disney character, i would be her.

amore: that means love in italy.

i did a 'how to' speech today on CPR. i used my friend stephanie. it was funny.

i really like the color purple. im wearing a very purply dress right now. w black leggins. and a black long sleeve shirt.

today i ate an orange and it reminded me of this summer. they say smell is the most powerful sent that makes you think of memories. me and my friend were eating lunch, it was just after we had been tubing down the river, (every time you get out of the river you smell really bad) well, our watches stunk so bad, so we rubbed the orange on our watches and it smelt so good for the rest of the day. i did that today and it made me miss doe river.

im blogging.

there is this road near my school and it has a huge hill, and if you go really fast it feels like a rollercoaster. seriously. every time i go over it i think my car is going to fly off into space. like, wings are suddenly going to appear on the sides of my car.

im still unsure about swoopy bangs.

oh i painted that canvas i blogged about earlier. i painted grass. with two different color greens. it looks very very cool.

'if i were a painter, i would paint my memories.' -norah jones.

we are learnng about earthquakes in earth science. i find earthquakes fascinating. God is so cool.

its 11:48. 12 minutes til the middle of the night. im pooped.

every time i blog, the time that says when i posted my blog is always wrong. i dont know why.

Monday, September 29, 2008


i have a new liking. something that i used to dislike very much. with everything in me. no one would ever find me near these. pretzels. i like them now. i must have new tastebuds. actually i do. pretzels. i dont hate it.

i wish i had a pretzel in the shape of a bicycle. and lifesize.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

growing filaments.

sometimes i wish i could have different hair everyday.


monday: short hair, with swoopy bags.

tuesday: dreadlocks, maybe with a bandana.

wednesday: a yellow mohawk.

thursday: long hair.

friday: chinese hair.

saturday: purple hair.

sunday: short curly hair.

that'll be the week.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Autumnal Equinox. aka fall.

fall made it!!! yes. i thought it wasnt going to come. it feels heavenly outside. every time i walk out, i let out this big "aughhhh..." and breathein all the goodness that comes with fall. the pumpkins are becoming pumpkins. the sky is beginning to lok more and more blue. and the leaves are tired of bein green. however, if i were a leaf, i wouldve already changed to orange.

at school today, i was down by the lake on the dock and there was this family (that lives near by) and there were two younger boys (about 4 and 5) and one of the boys looked at me and said "hey! we are feeding the turtles to the bread!" i laughed. and while they were feeding the turtles, this HUGE turtle swam up, and they started freaking out in excitement, and the mom said, "thats the pappa turtle," and one of the little boys said, "that looks like daddy!"

everyday i walk down to the dock and play my mandolin. after a while there ends up being about 6 people with there guitars. its fun. today i was playing and 3 of my friends came down and one of them wanted to play my mandolin. i started to ride my bike around in circles, he ended up writing this song about it. it is hilarious. but it also sounds really good. it sounds like something nickel creek would write. they are my favorite.

here is what the song is about:

its kind of like that song lighthouse, by nickel creek, ya know with the tradegy at the end...well the starts out with me riding my bike all over town and "nobody knows where ive been or where ive come from, or how fast im going." and while im riding my bike, on the dock, the water rises and i drown, and i become this legendary troll underneath the lake, and unitl someone else comes and rides there bike consistently like i did, well, they die and become the troll.

i know it sounds weird but it sounds awesome. i cant wait til its done.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a new hand in town.

im becoming ampedextrious. it is so fun. how am i doing this? im glad you asked. i am using a small notebook. i write in it all the time. it goes wherever i go. i write the date at the top of the page, so i can keep up with my improvement. and hopefully at the end of the notebook i'll have really good handwriting. and ill also be able to take notes twice as fast. and ill be able to pick my nose with both hands. eggsellent.

bright lights.

fair: a word which means a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill. last weekend was the party weekend. it was sampsons birthday. we thought it would be fun if we went to the fair that was held in pelham. we did and werent disapointed. we arrived and all the ride lights took my breath. i wasnt expecting real real rides. i mean, they had big rides. it was exciting to me to walk in and breathe in the "fair smell." they smell like dirty animals, sweaty kids, funnel cakes and B-O. it was amazing. i felt as if i were 5 years of age. when we got there, i said to brittany moore "i think i just want to take off running..." so i did. we went to a petting zoo. and we also saw the 5th largest pig. it weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds. i know, thats what i said. ive never seen anything like it. i felt so sorry for it. i dont think it can walk. its legs were only about a foot and a half long. poor thing. it was most definitley a night to remember. happy birthday sampson.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

long grass highlights thousands of waves.

so for my title, i combined a word from every paragraph.

its in the air. theres magic in the air. fall is its name. im so excited. i can wear long sleeves. and long pants. and long underpants. and long socks. and everything thats long.

i painted my picture yesterday. i painted grass with two different color greens. its very pretty. i painted on two canvas'. and put them together to make a long rectangle.

i also repainted the sistene chapel. and i put some highlights in mona lisa's hair.

it poured the other day and so there were thousands of puzzles on campus. me and my friend rode our bikes through every puddle. twice. literally. we were soaking wet. and then i disguised myself and went into the other dorm and rode my bike in their extremely long hallway. my outfit consisted of a t-shirt and shorts, a hat on backwards, a bandana on my face like a bandit, and my yellow rainboots. then i fell off my bike bc the floor was wet. my friend is gonna put it on youtube.

words of the day: seismic waves.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

untitled. thats the title. untitled.

fall is creeping slowly around the corner. as much as i love hot weather and the beach im ready for cool air and very blue skies. sometimes i wish alabama was colorado. its the perfect state.

and i also cant wait to carve a pumpkin and eat the seeds. raw. jk.

i made a 96 on my first speech which i was very nervous about.

i want to get my haircut, but i cant decide. i hate decisions. and i want swoopy bangs.

i cant think of what i can be for halloween. i might be link again from zelda.

i got an early start on christmas and watched elf last week. haha, i couldnt help it. i love that movie.

im going bike riding tonight w some friends.

im gonna go to hobby lobby sometime this week and get a canvas and some paint. im gonna paint a picture.

thats all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

dorm fun.

so we just stoled my friends shoes and put them in the dryer. she had a whole box full. and she is freaking out. haha. its so funny. i love pranks. but only when theyre not played on me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

come fly with me.

im looking foward to fall. im excited about wearing long stuff. like long sox, long boots, and long long john shirts. i like crisp air. air thats not humid. but ive never lived in florida when its fall season. what if, in florida, its humid all year round. oh no. i certainly hope not.

i went biking today. it was fun. i felt like i was on the sandlot. all the neighborhoods around the school are old and cool looking. we stopped at a park and found a small ramp. we did trixies.

im listening to rap music. and dancing. like a (black person) of course.

i also listened to franklyn sinatra today. for a long time. if i could have a singing voice it would be his. actually it would be louis armstrong. im just gonna start talking like him.

while on the subject of music, im still fascinated by the new coldplay cd. i love it so much. most of the songs just make me dance. i cant even help it. it gets in my bones. coldplay gets in my bones...i dont hate it. heh heh.

me some girls wathced martian child last night. actually we ended up playing games the whole time. so i have still yet to see it.

well bye

Sunday, August 31, 2008

labor free.

well im at the beach. i love the beach. its one of my favorite places. me and scott and aaron and rachel went body surfing today when the waves were 5 feet. yeah those waves were from Gustav. it was a little scary. and then we went to publix and me and rachel stayed in the car, and we ended up hiding in a tree in front of the store and they left us bc they couldn find us. it was an adventure.

also me and rachel got our nose pierced. its exciting. im not a punk though. it looks cute.

i love looking out into the vast ocean. its like an abyss. to know that God created it excites me everytime. i love looking out and thinking the earth is flat, i dont know why. but i feel like if i were colombus, i wouldve gone ahead and called it flat. anyways, the ocean never ceases to leave me breathless. PTL.

Friday, August 29, 2008

just a few thoughts.

i have good news and bad want the good news first? or the bad news?

ok, well, the bad news is we lost our first volleyball game last night.

the good is we won our first flagg football game!!! i was so excited. i amost got two touchdowns. i dropped the ball when i was standing in the inzone. and then i caught the ball and ran for my life but then this guy ripped my flag off.

our volleyball team name is "Swamp Donkeys."

our football team name is "The Tie Die Pteradactyls." i came up with that one.

im addicted to the newest Indelible Grace cd. go to and listen to there newest album. i love it. my favorite is #11. she has such a cool voice.

im going to the beach with some of the college group this weekend. im very excited.

i watched Dan in Real Life last night and laughed just as hard as i did the first time i saw it. i love it.

i finally got my new verizon phone. we switched from t-mobile to verizon bc i couldnt get any service here.

we were suppossed to have a pop-test in geometry this morning but our teacher forgot and remembered it at the end of class. i laughed...on the inside. me and him are gonna get a long great.

i love watching the olympics. i want to be in them. i can just start a new sport...hmm...what about thumb war contests? perfect.

peace out girl scout.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 things learned over the summer.

i told you a while back that i would blog about what i learned this summer...well, here are SOME things: paraphrased from my journal:

the first: i need to surrender all of my life to Christ everyday. i think its something that is crucial if i want to truly have a relationship with Christ. its something that needs to happen daily. its giving not only my day to God, but everything. its saying that he is sovereign. me waking up with God every morning should be a habit. a good one. i need to really seek God everyday. i want to find all my satisfaction in Christ. i need to live like this. i dont really need anything. i always say i want to live as Christ and follow him but i never put forth any effort. help me. -june 1, 2008

the second: this is from a week during the summer. i think its funny. thinking back to this night. so its little kids week and im about to pull my hair out. i like little kids week better than big kids week but these kids are especially crazy. crazier than usual. ive NEVER seen kids with so much energy. and ive also never seen so many kids that dont listen. im currently punishing them. i made them go to bed early. me and the other counselors played cards in the middle of the floor and laughed a lot. (as part of their punishment). and then i read them a really boring story from the old testament. PAH! but i thank God for giving me the energy i need to go through this week. when i think of these kids not listening i think of myself being selfish and not listening to God. so many times i think i know Gods will for my life but its completely opposite of his will. hes got patience with me that i need with these kids. i thought of this vs. psalm 103:8-10. read it. its a perfect example. thanks for listening, or in this case, reading. -june 9,2008

these are 2 out of the 22 things i learned over the summer. im not gonna blog all of them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ace ventura. aka adventure.

this weekend i came home. i was way excited about it. i have only been here for 2 weeks but i was ready to come home. i picked aaron spigner up at troy university. on saturday me, aaron, and andrew went to the "quarry" in pelham. we went "snorkling." not fer real, but we acted like it. we swam through cement tunnels and such under water. we had flippers too. which adds to the adventure. and we jumped off this 13 foot ledge. that was amazing. we looked around at all the "professional snorklers," if you will, and wished we had all the gear they had. they looked so hardcore. maybe someday...

and then on sunday!...we went to the preserve after church and rock climbed. i love rock climbing. always an adventure. i have a small calus on my left ring finger. i love it.

yesterday i played football in the pouring rain. im on a intramural flag football team. our first game is on thursday. i hope we win. i love winning. im also playing volleyball, which im stoked about.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the beginning...

there were teachers...2nd day of classes...i hate classes...i hate school. however, i do like my geometry teacher. he wore this middle eastern scarf on his head with a matching very blue tux. i can tell we are gonna be bff. the other classes are boring. my science teacher talks in a monotone voice. it might be a long semester. english was extremely hard, and it was just the first day. everything she said went over my head. i speak english though. my next class is speech. i guess i got to learn how to talk sooner or later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ludwig Beethoven. weird.

i am bored.

i am in my new dorm room.

i start school tomorrow. gross.

im currently dressed like an indian. literally.

i just ate ramen noodles. beef flavored.

im listening to cool music. (aka the new coldplay cd)

i wish i had an m&m as big as a sandwich. (regular, not peanut, that would be hard)

i just bought my books and it was a whopping total of $413.

im gonna play intramural volleyball flag football. im excited.

i have some new really cool drawings.

my address is 5402 College Dr #224 Graceville, FL 32440, if you wanna send me a postcard.

i bought apples today and im extremely excited.

i feel like pocahontas and i love it.

wingape. that means hello. i saw the movie. and i met her.

i left my mandolin at home and i cant wait to get it.

if i were a movie star my name would be Taylor McCue.

preston's is Dillan Murphy.

however my undercover ninja name is Light Foot.

i am a guitar hero.

i was in a shaving cream fight yesterday. i won.

the end.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a night in the tall grass.

so a whole bunch of us went four wheeling at drews last night and it was awesome. i wish i could drive a four wheeler everywhere. i would feel hard core all the time. there is this little hump in the ground, and if you go really fast you can get air. well me and drew were going extremely fast and i think we got like 2 feet. it felt like we got 4 feet. haha. i thought i was gonna die riding with drew. it was an adventurous night.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


im back! man, it seems like yesterday when i last blogged about how i was LEAVING for camp and now im BACK. too fast. summers are always to fast. it feels so weird to come home after having a routine for the past 3 months...i had forgotten how to sleep in. i will blog soon about all the things i learned. God taught me so much. He is so cool.

i bought some more moleskine journals last night. i love moleskine. i used one of my big moleskine journals this summer for my drawings and i filled it up. i need more. i got more.

well im off to my new school next week! im not too excited. i hate school. im only 40 minutes away from the beach...aka ill be going there a lot.

its been so fun hanging out w everyone. i missed my friends.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It Finally Came!

welp. its that time. im leaving for camp tomorrow. my parents are letting me drive myself. im so excited. its about a 5 hour drive. i love driving. i love driving by myself. i love listening to music while driving. i cant wait to see everyone. ah!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Long weekend ahead.

I have the privelidge of keeping Brooke and Brad Jenkins kids all weekend. Well minus Abby Lynn. Im kind of excited. I get to play "mom." Ill strighten them up. heh heh. Oh they wont talk back to me. If they do, Ill put em in the "choky!" haha thats from that movie Matilda. Mrs. Trunchbull (the principal) used to put the bads kids in it. I used to love that movie.

Uh oh. The tornadoe sirens are sounding! To the Basement! jk.

I leave for TN in exactly ONE WEEK from today!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vestavia Hills Municipal Court

So, remember me telling you about my little ticket incident...on my birthday? Well, im NOT GUILTY!!! Hurray! PTL!

My court date was today and luckily my dad did some landscaping on the judges house, so he knows him very well, and he totally found favor with me. We went up in front of all the other people and talked to him, it was kind of scary.

If my dad didnt know the judge i probably wouldve had to have done 6 hours of community service and taken a driving class to get the ticket off my record. shew! And my dad also told him that i was going to work at a camp, that doesnt pay, all summer, and he was like "thats great, boy thats a lot of community service, ha."

Im so happy, I didnt even have to pay the court fee!!!!!!! PTL.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

um, i didnt know how to make a slide show...

i love my boots

feeding the birds. do not try this.
cartwheels (shamoo in background)
oh captain, my captain, our fearful trip is done...
sailing yellow
sailing orange


Monday, April 28, 2008

Nothing but the wind in my hair...

I just finished writing my english paper. It counts as our "final." Its teachnically my last final, minus math. I hate writing papers. It feels as if Ive been writing this paper for years. It was on Shakespeares "Othello." Boring (ben bannister voice). I was so excited when I finished that I went outside and rode my bike around the block screaming "IM DONE WITH THE SEMESTERRRRRR!!!!!" Jk. I DID however ride my bike.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


approximately 16 days til i leave for camp.

i really like m&ms. prestons eating some right now, i can hear him.

i also really like the soundtrack to "Dan in Real Life," if you havent seen that movie, see it. its great. steve carell is hilarious.

i went to a wedding yesterday and i wore heels, and consequently i have blisters on my feet.

i am finally not working at J.Crew anymore. i am proud to say that yesterday was my last day. hallelujah.

my car was making a funny noise today. i think it needs more oil. or an oil change. or something. i remember in high school when quinn taught us how to change oil. but i dont really recall how to do so.

i watched Homeward Bound the other day, ya know, about the two dogs and cat that can talk...well, this is the only movie i will cry in. isnt that funny...i find it hard to cry to most movies, but for some reason when its about animals i will be balling at the end. (or in this case throughout the movie)

i love my fake glasses. everybody thinks they are real. haha psych.

i met a girl named wesley to day at church. ive never met a girl with that name.

finals are tomorrow. nuff said.


Friday, April 25, 2008

new fall...

i will be attending "Baptist College of Florida." my parents think its the best solution for school. so thats where ill be going. im not to excited (only bc i have no choice) but it is probably the best school. i would like to do mission work somewhere when im finished with school. and then im going to be a teacher. so this school i think is really going to help. i dont know why i am always feeling isolated. i cant really tell if God is trying to show me something. but good things happened when i went to Doe River last summer not knowing anyone...i had the time of my life, and made new best friends.

sometimes it is so hard to just trust God. i know he knows best and he is sovereign but its hard. i want to be in his will. and i want him to be glorified. i guess i need to think that way all the time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"My Final Year" by Brittani Sampson

i found this in the trunk of my car, i thought it was funny...and pretty good!

Its my final year
Its already here
Just a few more days
And my spirits will raise
I wont be depressed
Cause I wont be stressed
When my work is done
And whats left is fun
Summer fun, I mean
My schedule is clean
Al essays are through
No more homework due
No papers, problems
Teachers to slove them
Cause summer is here
But college is near
And my G.P.A.
Is on its way
to the admissions
Which I will wish on
For them to receive
And then to believe
That Im worth their time
Not a dozen a dime
Ill hold my head high
And time will pass by
Graduations here
So long, Final year!

(i wish this were talking about our final year of college!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

random thinkings.

i leave for camp in 24 days!...good ole rocky top woo, rocky top Tennessee!

my dad tells me that when i stand in front of the microwave (while its running) that its cooking my brain...

when i was little, i used to think that the trees make the wind...however, its the wind that makes the trees blow.

i got a ticket...not for speeding...not for having drugs in my car...not for shooting someone...but for not "completely stopping at a stop sign..." It was twelve o'clock MIDNIGHT, in a neighborhood, on my BIRTHDAY nonetheless...yep. $133. my parents werent even upset. that man is ridiculous. he was just bored. thanks for the present officer!

i babysat 4 kids all day yesterday. i am tired.

i had a dream last night that everybody i knew lived in a huge big top tent. and the only food we had was cheetos. mmm.

im pretty sure im going to montevallo in the fall. im gonna live with sampson and her roommate.
i love spring weather minus all the freakin POLLEN! my allergies. ugh. i cant even talk about the word pollen or ill start sneezing.

i turned in my TWO WEEKS NOTICE at J.Crew! im so relieved. i dont like that place. everybody ignores me bc they know im a Christ follower. but its ok. i did my best at working hard.

ive been watching The Office season two all week. sampson let me borrow it. im giving it back to her today and shes giving me season 1.

i like this quote:"michael and i have a very special connection, hes like the lone ranger and im like tonto...its not like it was the lone ranger and tonto...and bonto..." -dwight

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


...i was caught red-handed. stealing m&ms out of the trail mix bag...yep. ive been doing it for years, but dad and preston caught me. oh my.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

april 3rd. the best day.

i like birthdays. oh, how ironic it is that im blogging about birthdays...and its my birhtday! ha!

i really like this cake bc i like bluegrass music.

Monday, March 31, 2008

throw up your rock fist!

i brought out some old tunes today!!! michael w smith...anyone ever heard of him? i put in his cd this morning while cleaning my room and i was surprised at how many words i remembered. haha it was the cd "go west young man." its a good one. you should listen to it. it made me think of lindsey grefseng, bc we used to dance to one of the songs:) and if she knew i was writing this, she would probably beat me up.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


today i wore a dress to church. after church i went to la fiesta. after la fiesta i went home. we had a bridal tea at my house. i was still wearing the dress. after the bridal tea me and brittany moore hung out. after me and brittany moore hung out i went home. i changed clothes. after i changed clothes i noticed the price tag was still on my dress:) luckily, it was tucked in the whole day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i visited a Bible College yesterday with my cousin, aunt, and my mom. its "Bible College of Florida." its in Graceville, Florida. it was really nice and pretty. i believe it only has about 700 enrolled students, so its very small. i liked the people, they were very welcoming. my cousin, Kessler, will be attending when she graduates from high school in 2 years. i just dont know what to do. i dont have a clue where the Lord's leading me. i hate making big decisions like this. it gets me stressed out. i guess the other college im interested in is Montevallo. its so hard deciding things like this. i wish God would just write me a little note telling me what i need to do. wouldnt that be cool? anyways, this is currently my life right now. its not that fun. i hate school.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

All the Deputies of Eufaula.

so here i am again blogging from somewhere else bc its fun. actually im blogging bc something fun just happened and i needed to write about it while it was fresh on my mind. so me and my cousin were on our way home from Dear's house (thats what everyone calls our grandmother), and we saw 6 police cars ZOOM by, maybe 100 miles per hour or so, me and my cousin decided to follow them bc we thought it would be adventurous. we put the petal to the metal and raced right behind them like we one of them. then we saw about 6 different police cars going the opposite direction. we didnt know what to do, so we turned around and followed the "new police cars." well low and behold we found the crime scene...well technically it wasnt a crime scene. we drove by very slowly and i rolled down the window and heard a policeman yell at somebody that was involved, "YOU! SIT DOWN!!" that was the best part, we kept driving by thinking we would get more and more acion each time:) we think while the police cars were chasing after the victim, someone was pulling out of a neighborhood and accidently hit the police car. so i think the rest of the police cars went on and a few stayed back, bc 2 ambulences came. everyone in town will be talking about this tomorrow, bc its not a big town and they dont get much action. (i mean,which is probably a good thing) (we are just hardened to all of the things that happen in down town b'ham)
welp, i thought that was worth blogging for. i wish you couldve been there. i cant really put into words the excitement we felt. it was a night to remember. 10,4.

comforting thoughts.

im currently with my aunt at the elementary/junior high school she works at. its a school and church combined. (like shades mtn). my cousin is in school now, so im just hanging out with my aunt. my mom is going to eat with some old high school friends...i wasnt invited, and i dont have a problem with this. this school is so cool. its small and sort of old/antique looking. theres lots of "antebellum" homes in eufaula. i love it. i can see myself teaching in a small school like this, where everyone knows each other. i cant wait to teach. im thinking second grade...theyre old enough to zip their pants but they dont have so much an "attitude" yet. i think im gonna go sit in some classes and observe. i just met this really cute young married teacher. she seems like someone i could learn from.

i like blogging when im somewhere else. i feel like it makes it more interesting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so ive been deathly ill. jk i just have a cold. but i was on my way to school this morning, and i was listening to norah jones, and i figured out i sound just like her bc im sick. her voice is so cool and like airy, and since i have a cold i can sing just like her. i love it.

me and mom are about to leave to go to eufaula. shes having her 40th high school reunion (i know what your thinking) (she is old). and also me and my cousin and my aunt and mom are going to visit a bible college in dothan, AL. im not too excited about it bc thats not where i want to go, but im asking God to give me an open mind.

im very excited about seeing my cousin, shes 16. i love her. her names kessler. i know, cool name.

i really like chips and salsa.

and Curtis Take Home Chef.

im gonna marry him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

la playa! (thats spanish for "the beach")

one of my favorite things to do is go to the beach. i love it. i wished i lived by a beach (minus hurricanes). my mom had the wonderful priviledge of taking me, sampson, and brittany moore to orange beach last week (we all had the same dates for spring break so we decided to take advantage of that). we had the most wonderful time. everytime i go to the beach, i always feel overwhelmed. i love looking at the vast ocean and not being able to see the end of it. i try so hard to see land and buildings, but i never can. and i love knowing that He knows exactly how many grains of sand there are. thats crazy. i love the feeling i get when i go to the beach. God is so cool. thats all.

ill try and put together a slideshow soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

adventures in the great outdoors

yesterday was the beginning of my SPRING BREAK!!! hurray its finally here. i wish i was talking about summer:) in celebration of the beginning of the break, me, rachel, kristin, gretchen, gretchen's dog coda, and drew all went hiking in moss rock preserve. it was beauutiful outside. me and drew climbed up the "baby waterfalls," it was exhilerating. gretchens dog was trying to rescue me, even though i wasnt in need of rescuing, and he almost slid down and off the waterfall. we did a little rock climbing but not much bc drew cant until his doctor says he can. i wore my water "solomons." theyre really cool water/hiking shoes. i walked up the entire river. it was cold, but it felt so good. when it gets warmer we decided we're all gonna swim in the tiny river. and maybe slide sown a few waterfalls...that would be fun. i just love the woods. i like to wear bandanas when i go in the woods. it makes me feel like "man vs wild" or a woodsman or something. i would like to be a woodsman and eat squirrels and stuff. and start a fire with only sticks so i could cook my squirrel...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"reminiscing"...or "bethinking" if you will...

i love daylight savings time. i like to save daylight. it makes me think of when i was little and would get to play outside AFTER dinner too. me and my neighbors (jonerskine and jonathan) would play all day outside and then it would be time to eat dinner and i remember seeing him come to the kitchen window and i would still be eating and i would yell "hold on, im almost done!" and then we would continue playing whatever we were playing before dinner. good times. i grew up with a bunch of boy neighbors. so i was always getting dirty and what not. but it was fun, except when they would pick on me. something fun that we would always do was we would take out the battery to those "mini barbie jeeps" and we would ride down the huge hill on my street at an incredible speed and then occasionally go off into someones yard and flip out of the jeep. we didnt ever wear helmets. i had a girl neighbor, she lived up the street, we didnt play much, but she taught me how to stand on the seat of my bike while going down a hill. haha. yeah, i think now shes in one of those rollerskating leagues where they beat eachother up and stuff. weird.

Monday, March 10, 2008

my life sountrack...

Put your ipod on shuffle and see what you come up with. i was a little disappointed.

Open credits: Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson

Waking up: We Will Rock You by Queen

First day of school: The Happy Song by Chris Tomlin

Falling in love: Lamplight by Jump, Little Children

Fight song: Airport Song by Guster

Breaking up: Awake My Soul by Derek Webb

Prom: Kokomo by Beach Boys

Life: Oh Happy Day by Kirk Franklin (wow, thats a good one)

Mental Breakdown: The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Beach Boys (haha weird)

Driving: Mm Bop by Hanson

Flashback: In Your Freedom by Hillsong

Getting back together: Come on! Lets Boogey to the Elf Dance! by Sufjan Stevens

Wedding: Dont Touch Me by Space Ghost (how ironic)

Birth of child: Found by Hillsong

Final battle: I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles by Proclaimers

Death scene: Carnival Town by Norah Jones

Funeral Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

End credits: Two at a Time by Guster

Saturday, March 8, 2008

good times.

so i played "rock band" for the first time last night and scott and rees. i think i could play it all the time. me, kristin and rachel got real in to it and drew lightning bolts on our arms. it made me feel like i was really in a rock band. and i also wore a bandana on my head. its all about the look. i love "getting in character" for things like that. i like rock band. i could be addicted. but i cant, since i dont have it........maybe thats a good thing:)

so im in love with the song savior king by hillsong. rachel let me have her burned cd. shes so nice. i cleaned my room this morning and turned up that song real loud. i started dancing but then i remembered i was suppossed to be cleaning my room.

i made a snow angel on my back porch this morning. but its gone now. im glad. im ready for warm weather.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


these two numbers refer to the numbers i made on my 2nd psychology test...yup. woo-hoo! well, i studied...and i told you that the questions were not even gonna talk to her about this one...she didnt help me with the last test, she just showed me the answers. she has a black heart. i know it. she was so mean in class yesterday. this boy got up quietly and walked out and she was very surprised that someone got up and walked out...she said "excuse me...? take your seat! is this an emergency???????" and the boy was like " mam...i think im dropping the class..." she was like "well it would be A LOT more curtious to do that AFTER class...!!!" well this went on for about 5 minutes...she just...aaaaahhhhh makes me so mad. its not her business to ask where hes going...its ok. we cant even get up to go the bathroom...and HOW OLD ARE WE??? i cant really explain her. you would just have to be there. sometimes i want to throw a tomato at her face or something.

Monday, March 3, 2008

helium in my brain, tricks, othello, and sunshine.

last saturday i went to lisa's nieces birthday party. she turned two. her names kimsey, shes so cute. it was fun watching her open presents. later when some of the relatives left, me and colby and cameron decided to steal all of the helium from her balloons. we talked and then laighed really hard. its always fun killing brain cells. maybe thats why ive never made good grades.

well, talking about grades, we had psychology test number two today, it was fierce. i studied very very hard, i knew all of the defintions from the FOUR chapters we had to know. mrs stork is SO tricky. i hate it. she messes with my brain. one question she combined three definitions. it was a multiple choice question and, for the most part, i knew the definitions for the possible answers, but i went up to her and said, "i feel like you combined the definitions of each of these into one definition...i said, "is this a trick question?" and she said..."welllllll..." thats all she said, and i circled a word in the question and said "is this the key word..." and she said "yes." i thought ok good. one down, 49 left. pretty much all the questions were like that. and she told us to study chapter 12 the most, she said thats where she would get most of the questions from. so, i listened, and studied chapter 12 left and right, up and down, all over, and through...i knew just about everything...well, she only put like FIVE questions on the test from that chapter!! i wanted to scream. and then she said, "know all the parts of the eye on page 149!" so i knew that parts of the eye on page 149...but was that on there??? OF COURSE NOT!!! geez. so i dont know what to think...last test i studied for approximately 4 and a half hours straight and made a D! but i felt confident. so maybe since i dont feel confident for this test, i made a really good grade. hey...just trying to think positive. she makes my brain crazy...or maybe its the helium.

ive been loving this weather! i wish it was like this all the time. i layed out last monday and then again thursday...and i actually got some sun!! the end of february...who wouldve thought.

we have to write an in-class paper tomorrow in english on the famous shakespeare play "Othello." its so dumb. i hate shakespeare, his writings might as well be in Chinese.

thers a storm a'blowin in. that means i get to wear my rainboots tomorrow. i like wearing my rainboots. i might leave my window open tonight. i hope it doesnt get too cold.

Monday, February 25, 2008

man oh man!

my psychology class was canceled too!!! (refer to previous post) Im speechless.

favorite monday in the world.

typically, mondays arent the best day of the week...but not this monday. lets take a walk through my day so far. well i didnt want to wake up this morning (at 6:30), but i did anyway...i went to school with my ipod on shuffle...i park, then abby parks next to me, and she tells me that we have a spanish quiz today...i had forgotten. so we walk up to class (took the stairs today, better excercise), and we sat down and started to study. everbody was cramming. apparently they had forgotten too. well, this little old lady walks in to tell the most incredible news, our teacher was pregnant!!! in espanol "pregnant" means embarassado. actually shes not pregnant, OUR CLASS WAS CANCELED! when your in school this is what you wish you could hear about once a week. so everybody started jumping up and down screaming "HURRAY! HURRAY!" not really, thats what everybody was probably thinking. so mine and abbys next class wasnt til 11:00!!! what to do?!?!?! we felt as if we couldve conquered the world with this time!! but instead of conquering the world, we went to mcdonalds. dont worry, we didnt play in the playground, we studied. bc we are so studious. after that (we still had hours before our next class) we went to the new campus (since neither of us have never been, we thought we would have a little adventure and check it out. well, first of all, let me just attempt to tell you the parking spot that i was weird, i parked in front of another car, but in the middle of us was a median, but i parked in front of this little open sidewalk thing. it was strange, we thought it was cool though bc its the best monday ever...i mean why not have a cool parking spot to go along with it. anyway we go into the enormous building looking for the library...we walk into this "cafe" only to find a whole bunch of cullinary students staring at us. yeah. i hate it when that happens. so we wandered around and then left bc there was no library. so now we are in the real library blogging about this morning! ha, its been a good day so far. maybe ill have another good story later today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

alive with christ!

so it was exactly a year ago (this past monday) that i was baptized! ive been a christian since i was, well, the usual age, 5, but i never realized the importance of it. ok, actually i really DID know how important it was. my dad probably told me once a month how important it was. he always said "getting baptized is being obedient to God." well i certainly didnt want to be disobedient. i remember thinking..."oh goodness, im disobeying God...oh no, thats a bad thing." i guess i was just scared. all my friends had already been baptized, so right then i thought, its over, theyve already done it, i can never do it. and i also remember thinking about asking one of my close friends if they would do it again with me so i wouldnt be alone, i know, how pathetic:)...and i didnt want to get up and answer the questions that harry asked in front of the whole church. what if i accidently said the wrong age of when i was saved, or what if i forgot my name...stage fright. anyways, i was always thinking of how i really needed to do it, but never did, just because, i dont know, i didnt really care...God knows my heart, that kind of thing. everyone says said that. so february 11, 2007 in big church...towards the end harry said "some people are already getting baptized today, but if anybody would like to just come on the spot, we have extra clothes..." (this wasnt word for word, he probably used a much smarter language. pastoral language, if you will). well, immediately i felt the conviction of God telling me i needed to go. this was the first time ive ever heard God speak to me. so i got up more quicker than ever and made my way down the isle and off to one of the side doors. my hands were a bit shaky. i just wanted to cry, im not really sure why. so i cannonballed into the water. i never understood that baptism meant, you were now alive with Christ, well i did, but i really felt like a new person when i came out of the water. man, all those wasted years...i was dead with Christ? no jk. i cant tell you how glad i am that i waited til i could really understand what was happening. i think doing it at a younger age wouldnt have been as special/important. so...i left that day at church with wet panties.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

things i want to do before i see Jesus...

visit 10 national parks, yosemite included, camping along the way.

go to ireland.

spend the entire day talking in a british accent.

of course do mission work in africa.

get a kids book published.

swim with dolphins.

spend the night in the mall.

learn a little swahili.

be a teacher,

watch "the godfather"

go to a u.s. open tennis match.

be in a triathalon.

go to the mall barefoot.

surf in hawaii.

take a nap in a furniture store.

own a dog with a funny name.

start a fire with only sticks.

ice skate when its snowing.

play soccer in brazil.

pull a fire alarm.

learn more songs on my mandolin:)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Jesus is my Valentine.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

thoughts about our city.

yester-night me and rachel went to this place where you could see the whole city of birmingham. it was in a neighborhood ( im sure the people didnt mind). when we got to the top of the cliff, we sat on this brick wall that overlooked birmingham. the view was amazing. we tried to make it before the sun set, but we were too late. we'll go some other time. so we sat and just looked. we looked at the skyline and all its beauty wondering how God made it so perfect, we saw factories with smoke coming out the top, we stared at the little cluster of the downtown buildings. we talked about how many people there were. we couldnt help but wonder what all these people were living for. we tried to come up with something we would live for if we didnt have Jesus. well...we were speechless. we talked about atheism and wondered why people dont believe there is a God and wondered what goes on in their head when they watch a could they not know someone, with intelligent design, created that. we talked about how people live and all the sin that is in our daily lives. we had a deep hurt for birmingham. before we left we prayed for our city. it needs prayer. it also needs a generation that is CRAZY in love with Jesus so these people can know that there in fact IS something to live for. we are such depraved people. we dont deserve anything but death. but our loving Savior put all our sin right upon his back. he loves us so much. God couldve lived anywhere in the entire universe, but he chose to live in our stony stubborn selfish hearts. this is our God. he is mighty to save all the people in birmingham. he is the God of this city. and all the other cities.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

coach kirk...i dont hate it...

so i just received the greatest news!!!!! coach hill/ron swan has asked me to COACH the junior high volleyball team at shades mountain! i know! im in shock. this could change everything! ...where i attend school...well i guess just where ill go to school...but this is amazing! im so excited to see where God is going to take me. its an adventure...its like an adventure with a blindfold on. and i was telling rachel the other day that ive been having second thougts about going to tennessee. so this could be God saying i need to stay stoked! i feel like God just spoke to me, i LOVE it!

well, gotta go to class, more updates to come. woot woot!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bye bye bob.

welp...bobs im not gonna have anything to talk at a loss of words...too bad he didnt accidentially leave his shampoo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


sometimes i wish i had a moustache. if i could have one, i would imagine it would look somewhat like this.
although i like this look too. maybe i could spike it on occasion...

Monday, February 4, 2008

she needs jesus.

im taking a psychology class at jeff state and my teacher, mrs stork, is actually a psycho. and im not just saying this, she is. and she thinks we'll know everything after reading the first chapter. she'll ask us questions and give us this, dont you know what im talking about?!?!?!?! (the look on her face is priceless.) well, we actually have no idea, hence why we're taking this we can be taught...

she reminds me of the lady on Total Recall (with arnold schwartzineggar) at the end...where that lady starts having coniptions or something but its actually the bad guy in a womans body...ya know? well i think that if someone peeled off the outer layer of her forehead they would find this metal, machine-working, robot thing. i know, thats weird, but she is just so abnormal. im not judging her. im just telling you about her. pray for mrs stork.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

sulfate-free shampoo

this morning i woke up to attend church and i was about to get in the shower. well, low and behold Bob (ya know, the one me and my family are having a slumber party with) decided he wanted to get in the shower too. so i was about to close the bathroom door when i saw him standing in the hall...and i said..."oh!! were you about to get in?" he said, "yes but its ok." and i said, "oh no you can go first!!!" so then he said..."well ok, thanks." yeah. ironic. i know. nuff said. so anyways, approximately 20 minutes later, i got in the shower and reached for the shampoo, well, to find out that it was empty. RATS! so i looked around and i stumbled upon BOBS was my only hope. bobs "mens" shampoo bottle reads "sulfate-free shampoo", i remember i really about to use this? i did. surprisingly, my hair did better than it normally does. yeah. weird. i dont know what to think of that.

so the moral of this story? well, maybe mens shampoo isnt just for men...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


so my mom walks in the other day and says that my aunt called. she lives in pensacola. shes my dads sister. i dont know her very well. she has some friends, the wife of which is very sick. so they have to come here to take a little visit to the UAB hospital. well they dont really have a place to stay, so i guess my aunt remembered where we live and she put two and two together...yes, she volunteered our house, so the husband will have a place to stay. well this was all very shocking to my mother, ya know, she being the one who cleans and tidies up the house. she likes to put the dust away for the guests. anyways, me and mom were thinking of how rude we were being. it should always be an honor to let guests stay in our home. oh by the way, his name is bob, just like my dad...well at least we'll have something to talk about. i dont think this family is saved, so this makes it even better to open our home. i hope things like this happen more often, ya know, awkward, unforeseen, slumber parties. who doesnt like these? i hope he will see Christ in our family. hey, the Bible says "be hospitable," well, we figured since his wifes in the hospital, why not...what about bob?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


She said now then
i would like each of you

to make a tree
with your body

and we were delighted
to forget everything

we had learned all day
about staying within the lines.

Standing in our numbered rows
we stretched and stretched, embracing

the enormous air, our fingers
splayed, our heels rising up

off the floor, bodies grunting, sweating,
trembling to be trees. One

poked another in the head
with a pencil, sharp branch

he announced. How we loved
being trees.

-mike white

So, i have to write a paper on this poem for actually really excited about it. its such a wonderful fun poem! i like kids. with that being said, im probably gonna have the best paper.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i just need to be still.

i find it really frustrating when im trying to have a 2 way conversation with God but it feels as if only im talking. im in a season of life where i think i know whats best for me and i think i know what God wants for me, but its probably totally opposite of what He really wants. this is so selfish. i feel like ive prayed for the same thing over and over, i bet Hes tired of hearing it. God has given me the desire to move to Tennessee and go to East Tennesse State, mainly bc of the people ive met from camp, but its going to cost...well...a lot...Jeff State is stupid, and im so ready to transfer, i feel like ive wasted money, mostly bc ive had to take math 1000 times, and then some. the brochure should read on the front, "if you love smoking, drinking, and cussing...then come on in! youve come to the right place!" no jk...jeff state needs more people that love Jesus. i love being around unsaved people, but at the same time i hate it. and then working with the same people at jcrew doesnt make it any better. thats the other thing that ive been talking to God about. so im currently waiting for a few responses...oh wait, i think i heard something.....sovereign. thats propbably the answer to both for right now... He is in total control. i love it when God speaks to me, so im very excited about it! my trust is placed in my Savior. He knows whats best:)