Wednesday, January 30, 2008


so my mom walks in the other day and says that my aunt called. she lives in pensacola. shes my dads sister. i dont know her very well. she has some friends, the wife of which is very sick. so they have to come here to take a little visit to the UAB hospital. well they dont really have a place to stay, so i guess my aunt remembered where we live and she put two and two together...yes, she volunteered our house, so the husband will have a place to stay. well this was all very shocking to my mother, ya know, she being the one who cleans and tidies up the house. she likes to put the dust away for the guests. anyways, me and mom were thinking of how rude we were being. it should always be an honor to let guests stay in our home. oh by the way, his name is bob, just like my dad...well at least we'll have something to talk about. i dont think this family is saved, so this makes it even better to open our home. i hope things like this happen more often, ya know, awkward, unforeseen, slumber parties. who doesnt like these? i hope he will see Christ in our family. hey, the Bible says "be hospitable," well, we figured since his wifes in the hospital, why not...what about bob?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


She said now then
i would like each of you

to make a tree
with your body

and we were delighted
to forget everything

we had learned all day
about staying within the lines.

Standing in our numbered rows
we stretched and stretched, embracing

the enormous air, our fingers
splayed, our heels rising up

off the floor, bodies grunting, sweating,
trembling to be trees. One

poked another in the head
with a pencil, sharp branch

he announced. How we loved
being trees.

-mike white

So, i have to write a paper on this poem for actually really excited about it. its such a wonderful fun poem! i like kids. with that being said, im probably gonna have the best paper.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i just need to be still.

i find it really frustrating when im trying to have a 2 way conversation with God but it feels as if only im talking. im in a season of life where i think i know whats best for me and i think i know what God wants for me, but its probably totally opposite of what He really wants. this is so selfish. i feel like ive prayed for the same thing over and over, i bet Hes tired of hearing it. God has given me the desire to move to Tennessee and go to East Tennesse State, mainly bc of the people ive met from camp, but its going to cost...well...a lot...Jeff State is stupid, and im so ready to transfer, i feel like ive wasted money, mostly bc ive had to take math 1000 times, and then some. the brochure should read on the front, "if you love smoking, drinking, and cussing...then come on in! youve come to the right place!" no jk...jeff state needs more people that love Jesus. i love being around unsaved people, but at the same time i hate it. and then working with the same people at jcrew doesnt make it any better. thats the other thing that ive been talking to God about. so im currently waiting for a few responses...oh wait, i think i heard something.....sovereign. thats propbably the answer to both for right now... He is in total control. i love it when God speaks to me, so im very excited about it! my trust is placed in my Savior. He knows whats best:)


so, i dont know what to say. this is obviously my first post. im feeling kind of awkward right now. i hope i get better at this. this is overwhelming. i somehow got sucked right in. peer pressure. and im not even the type to get easily persuaded. i dont know what happened...i was sitting in the library...and the rest is a blur...