Monday, May 25, 2009

made by pilgrims.

i have a quilt. a new addition to my life. my dearest mother bought it for me. we found it at an antique store. my parents came down to school the week of finals. we went antique shopping. i love antiques. i always find so many treasures. small ones like a pin that says 'elk of the month.' and big ones like this quilt. it has been on many adventures, im sure. it has so many patterns. having this makes me want to know where its been. or who owned it. maybe a grandmother used it to sleep with on her expedition around the world. she traveled and slept on the ground with it. that explains why its so dirty. or maybe it belonged to an astronaut. yes. and the quilt has been to the moon. the quilt has moon dirt. i wonder what the owners name was. lucy. maybe. beatrice. perhaps. margaret. i dont think so. constance. thats it. it was constance. she was from constancestinople. like constantinople.


i like to read at night. but im not very consistent.

im getting some toms. the shoes. but the ones i want aren’t in yet. i went today and the sign said “new shipment coming in later than expected.” the worker said “some boxes of theirs got lost or something.” i said “well is it every store or just yours?” he said “ohhh no, its all over the world.” we laughed. my shoes. i bet pirates stole them. yes. they stole the boxes and they are wearing my shoes. they need them more than me. and they need new eyes. or a new eye.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ewa-ewa-ewa-ewa. thats a bird. call.

If I had one wish it would be to identify a bird when I hear one. I would hear it chirp and immediately know what bird it is. maybe I should read more books. Or download bird podcasts. Or take bird classes. Or sit outside more than I already do and have a bird book in my hand to identify the birds and their different chirps. I love birds. And their voices. God created them and they’re all so unique. Nothing is impossible. I will keep wishing this.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I went to the zoo today. I need a seal. This is serious. I need to have a seal and train it. train it to jump over me. When I raise my arms I want it to jump over me. And when I circle my hands it will flip. Also, i fed a giraffe. With my own hands. They were on the other side of the habitat, and I started waving this huge branch saying "come over here giraffes!" They came. I then broke a huge branch off and fed it to them. They ate it. And loved me.

Blueberries help you have long term memory. It’s very true.

I went to the barrons game with the nielsens last week. Josiah was petrified of the mascots. When they got close he would look at them and scream. It was a look of terror. . But then later all he wanted to do was give them a high five. I don’t know what happened.

The music to Jurassic park is inspiring. It makes me want to travel across America. On foot. With a walkie talkie in my hand. i would like to see dinosaurs. And study them. And look at how big their feet are. And look at my glass of water rippling as a dinosaur gets near.

Sunday hot dogs. Sundogs. Raindogs. Shrimpdogs.

I wish I could type out my dream as I was dreaming. Every detail. Beautiful. Dream typer. Brilliant.

Animated Lord of the Rings. Heh.

I love the rain the most. Joe purdy

Monday, May 11, 2009


i have noticed lately, it being the end of my semester, i tend to make a lot of lists.

new music i like
books to read over the summer
goals for next semester
new foods to eat
what i need to do today
quotes from movies
good lyrics to songs
adventurous things
things i want to do before i die
things to blog about
funny quotes anybody says
things im thankful for
things God has shown me
new smoothie recipes
a list of things i need to make lists about

i enjoy making lists. they make me feel organized. and wise.

2 more days.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

indian princess.

i am highly anxious for summer. and camp.

i am going to antique stores friday. treasures to be found.

yoga is good.

so are oranges.

i just started a 1000 piece puzzle. oh my. its a picture of a boat, a house, and some tall grass.

i went on a walk yesterday and saw a dead snake.

finals next week. i am my study buddy. heh.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

summoning eagle powers.

feliz cinco de mayo. i wish i were at home so i could go eat with all my mexican friends. i also wish i had a sombraro to wear all day. since i cant do either, i will just talk in a mexican accent all day. i bet some people arent celebrating this holiday, due to swine flu. it started in mexico you know.

do you remember when everyone was shouting my name, and i used my strength to rip my blouse.

that was from star wars. just kidding, it was from nacho libre. i will watch that movie today. and salute to all the mexicans.

Monday, May 4, 2009

tooth in a slingshot.

two good ole friends of mine came to me this weekend. kristin and meredith. yes. we had magical times. one night we watched a documentary called 'man on wire,' about a man who wire walked between the twin towers. we were amazed. that night i wore spandex bc i was positive i was going to dream about me doing the same. unfortunately, i didnt wire walk. i thought i would be prepared just in case. we also watched the 7th voyage of sinbad. it had a cyclopse in it. duh.

we went to the beach all day saturday. we saved a sea horse. we found a fun crab on our walk. on the way back, it was being eaten by a bird. we saw a million barnacles.

we are always looking for adventures. aka im really excited about this summer.

kristin: magical x 1,000,000. holla back.