Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have a friend who sent me a box of Kumquats. Her name is Laura-Leigh. Since the day she sent them I have eaten a handful everyday. They are like reversed Oranges. Sweet on the outside sour on the inside. The word derived from the Cantonese and they referred to them as Gam Gwats. When I say that version it makes me feel retarded. In Vietnam they use the plant as a decoration. Stupids. In the Philippines they make hot and iced tea with them. In America, I dont know what we do in America. I just eat them. I dont like to eat them around people. Except for my cousin. Bc sometimes I make a weird sour face. I cant help it. Im running low. Ive rationed them out for the next few days. Ive never bought Kumquats before. Apparently they are at their best in March and April. Its gonna be thrilling. I think I might start carrying some around in my purse. Mainly for the fact that when I look through my purse, there will be Kumquats everywhere. And I can offer them to people. And see their sour face. They wont know. Unless they read this. Kumquats kumaquats lumquats sqaquas unkwas. Thats me trying to say Kumquats as fast as I can five times in a row. Go on, try it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A bucket list of things I can never do.

1. Walk on the moon.

2. Meet Queen Elizabeth.

3. Pet a whale.

4. Own an elephant.

5. Be a Ringmaster.

6. Become Good Friends with Julie Andrews.

7. Give Mona Lisa highlights.

8. Meet myself as a 5 year old.

9. Play the lead role in a well-known Musical.

10. Fly, using a Jet Pack.

These were my thoughts today. Maybe these will become my real Bucket List one day. Oh me oh my. Thats a lot to consider. I feel nauseous.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Im sorry.

Ive been doing some thinking. About this Jan Term class. I have a new perspective and I would like to write about it.
Everything in me does not want to pay attention in this class. Oh, the class is Jeremiah.
The first and maybe second day I didn't give my teacher unlimited attention. I surfed the web, ya know, what every college student does during class. Its almost a habit for us. I went home and started thinking. About people all over the world who can't take this class. Or any class for that matter. I thought about Pastors, and want-to-be pastors in different countries. Who don't have much. Maybe just a Bible. What they would give to be sitting in this class learning. About Jeremiah and past Kings and People and Cultures. The knowledge and information my teacher has about this book would be shocking to them.
I think about the People Groups and Individuals that have to read their Bible in secret. And all the secret Bible Studies that take place around the world. Some of these studies might last all day. Some pray together all day. They worship God together all day. In secret. They can't get enough of each other and God. They are thirsty. For knowledge and Christ.
I think about children in different parts of the world that would find some of the stories in Jeremiah interesting and intriguing.
And then I look at myself. A rich girl who gets to sleep in a warm bed every night. A girl who has cabinets full of food. A girl who has heat and air whenever she wants it. A girl who gets to wake up every morning and learn things that help her as an individual. Biblical information that helps ME grow as a Christian. And some days I choose to sleep in because I want to. And because I have this attitude about school. I get to learn from this professor who has spent hours studying this book that I know very little about. This would be the perfect life to one of those pastors who is doing everything he can to lead a whole congregation with just one Bible. And some people of the congregation dont even have a Bible to read for themselves. I have three!
I have three Bibles.
I have three Bibles.
I have three Bibles.
...and then some.
Some of those half Bibles.
Pocket Bibles.
I just want to cry when I think about these people. And I have cried this week. About my sorry attitude and about the attitudes of the people around world. And how different we are. The saved people that would look so forward to sitting in class and reading about Jeremiah. It meets from 8am-11:50am. He usually lets us out at 10:30. I get so restless after 3 hrs. That's all. A measly 3 hrs of sitting and I'm about ready to die.
I have payed attention this week. I have given my attention to Jeremiah and to my professor. I have thanked Christ for this opportunity. And I'm praying for these people that are in my mind. They are there for a reason.
I am aware.