Sunday, August 31, 2008

labor free.

well im at the beach. i love the beach. its one of my favorite places. me and scott and aaron and rachel went body surfing today when the waves were 5 feet. yeah those waves were from Gustav. it was a little scary. and then we went to publix and me and rachel stayed in the car, and we ended up hiding in a tree in front of the store and they left us bc they couldn find us. it was an adventure.

also me and rachel got our nose pierced. its exciting. im not a punk though. it looks cute.

i love looking out into the vast ocean. its like an abyss. to know that God created it excites me everytime. i love looking out and thinking the earth is flat, i dont know why. but i feel like if i were colombus, i wouldve gone ahead and called it flat. anyways, the ocean never ceases to leave me breathless. PTL.

Friday, August 29, 2008

just a few thoughts.

i have good news and bad want the good news first? or the bad news?

ok, well, the bad news is we lost our first volleyball game last night.

the good is we won our first flagg football game!!! i was so excited. i amost got two touchdowns. i dropped the ball when i was standing in the inzone. and then i caught the ball and ran for my life but then this guy ripped my flag off.

our volleyball team name is "Swamp Donkeys."

our football team name is "The Tie Die Pteradactyls." i came up with that one.

im addicted to the newest Indelible Grace cd. go to and listen to there newest album. i love it. my favorite is #11. she has such a cool voice.

im going to the beach with some of the college group this weekend. im very excited.

i watched Dan in Real Life last night and laughed just as hard as i did the first time i saw it. i love it.

i finally got my new verizon phone. we switched from t-mobile to verizon bc i couldnt get any service here.

we were suppossed to have a pop-test in geometry this morning but our teacher forgot and remembered it at the end of class. i laughed...on the inside. me and him are gonna get a long great.

i love watching the olympics. i want to be in them. i can just start a new sport...hmm...what about thumb war contests? perfect.

peace out girl scout.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 things learned over the summer.

i told you a while back that i would blog about what i learned this summer...well, here are SOME things: paraphrased from my journal:

the first: i need to surrender all of my life to Christ everyday. i think its something that is crucial if i want to truly have a relationship with Christ. its something that needs to happen daily. its giving not only my day to God, but everything. its saying that he is sovereign. me waking up with God every morning should be a habit. a good one. i need to really seek God everyday. i want to find all my satisfaction in Christ. i need to live like this. i dont really need anything. i always say i want to live as Christ and follow him but i never put forth any effort. help me. -june 1, 2008

the second: this is from a week during the summer. i think its funny. thinking back to this night. so its little kids week and im about to pull my hair out. i like little kids week better than big kids week but these kids are especially crazy. crazier than usual. ive NEVER seen kids with so much energy. and ive also never seen so many kids that dont listen. im currently punishing them. i made them go to bed early. me and the other counselors played cards in the middle of the floor and laughed a lot. (as part of their punishment). and then i read them a really boring story from the old testament. PAH! but i thank God for giving me the energy i need to go through this week. when i think of these kids not listening i think of myself being selfish and not listening to God. so many times i think i know Gods will for my life but its completely opposite of his will. hes got patience with me that i need with these kids. i thought of this vs. psalm 103:8-10. read it. its a perfect example. thanks for listening, or in this case, reading. -june 9,2008

these are 2 out of the 22 things i learned over the summer. im not gonna blog all of them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ace ventura. aka adventure.

this weekend i came home. i was way excited about it. i have only been here for 2 weeks but i was ready to come home. i picked aaron spigner up at troy university. on saturday me, aaron, and andrew went to the "quarry" in pelham. we went "snorkling." not fer real, but we acted like it. we swam through cement tunnels and such under water. we had flippers too. which adds to the adventure. and we jumped off this 13 foot ledge. that was amazing. we looked around at all the "professional snorklers," if you will, and wished we had all the gear they had. they looked so hardcore. maybe someday...

and then on sunday!...we went to the preserve after church and rock climbed. i love rock climbing. always an adventure. i have a small calus on my left ring finger. i love it.

yesterday i played football in the pouring rain. im on a intramural flag football team. our first game is on thursday. i hope we win. i love winning. im also playing volleyball, which im stoked about.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the beginning...

there were teachers...2nd day of classes...i hate classes...i hate school. however, i do like my geometry teacher. he wore this middle eastern scarf on his head with a matching very blue tux. i can tell we are gonna be bff. the other classes are boring. my science teacher talks in a monotone voice. it might be a long semester. english was extremely hard, and it was just the first day. everything she said went over my head. i speak english though. my next class is speech. i guess i got to learn how to talk sooner or later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ludwig Beethoven. weird.

i am bored.

i am in my new dorm room.

i start school tomorrow. gross.

im currently dressed like an indian. literally.

i just ate ramen noodles. beef flavored.

im listening to cool music. (aka the new coldplay cd)

i wish i had an m&m as big as a sandwich. (regular, not peanut, that would be hard)

i just bought my books and it was a whopping total of $413.

im gonna play intramural volleyball flag football. im excited.

i have some new really cool drawings.

my address is 5402 College Dr #224 Graceville, FL 32440, if you wanna send me a postcard.

i bought apples today and im extremely excited.

i feel like pocahontas and i love it.

wingape. that means hello. i saw the movie. and i met her.

i left my mandolin at home and i cant wait to get it.

if i were a movie star my name would be Taylor McCue.

preston's is Dillan Murphy.

however my undercover ninja name is Light Foot.

i am a guitar hero.

i was in a shaving cream fight yesterday. i won.

the end.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a night in the tall grass.

so a whole bunch of us went four wheeling at drews last night and it was awesome. i wish i could drive a four wheeler everywhere. i would feel hard core all the time. there is this little hump in the ground, and if you go really fast you can get air. well me and drew were going extremely fast and i think we got like 2 feet. it felt like we got 4 feet. haha. i thought i was gonna die riding with drew. it was an adventurous night.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


im back! man, it seems like yesterday when i last blogged about how i was LEAVING for camp and now im BACK. too fast. summers are always to fast. it feels so weird to come home after having a routine for the past 3 months...i had forgotten how to sleep in. i will blog soon about all the things i learned. God taught me so much. He is so cool.

i bought some more moleskine journals last night. i love moleskine. i used one of my big moleskine journals this summer for my drawings and i filled it up. i need more. i got more.

well im off to my new school next week! im not too excited. i hate school. im only 40 minutes away from the beach...aka ill be going there a lot.

its been so fun hanging out w everyone. i missed my friends.