Friday, March 23, 2012

Ive been appreciating coffee for what it is. Black. Actually its more brown. Brown coffee. 7th day now. Still going strong. Although yesterday afternoon I went to the coffee shop and bought some and accidentally added cream and sugar without thinking. I got really mad at myself. Its a weird feeling, just pouring, and walking away.

Im going home tomorrow for Spring Break. Remember when it used to be called A.E.A.? Good times. I need a break and am so excited about just being home.

I have a new friend. She is wise and positive and her outlook on life is encouraging.

Whenever the power goes out I get really excited inside for like 30 minutes. Then it goes away.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Star Power.

I appreciate the stars. In the quietness of the night they bring comfort. To know that God created them. And then to rest in the fact that he created me. He sustains and watches over the world and he watches over me. Sometimes I think the stars do a better job at letting people know that there is a God. Ya know?

I just cant imagine looking at the world and not believing in God. How would I see the stars without God? They would look the same. They might even give me the same feeling. But it would end there. I would see the stars with selfish eyes. But instead, I can marvel in the fact that God created them. I can immediately be swept away by the Creator of the universe.

I decided I want to live by this saying. Im not sure if I can explain everything Im thinking. But look at the stars, observe the stars, find comfort, and just rest. Rest in Christ.

"...and He also made the stars." Genesis 1:16.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet dreams are made of these...

Almost every night there is a snake in my dream. One time I was holding it and it was calm. Another time I was walking and it struck my leg. Another time I picked it up and threw it. Other times they are just in my dream. Lying on a ground or a street or something. Probably dreaming and wondering why Im in THEIR dream. Its annoying. Id rather it be a sweet little bunny or a cute baby dinosaur that I raise. But not a snake. Snakes...snakes are eerie.

I thought you should know.