Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in the power of Eternity.

Weve been doing a series at Wiregrass Church dealing with Time and making good use of it. Our lives are so short. We wrinkle so quickly. Everything we do is but a moment. A moment in all eternity. Since we are but moments, it should be all the more important to glorify Christ with every single thing we do. As if thats not stressful enough, we must do it the best we can. We must glorify Christ as hard as we can. Its not about us. All the moments arent about us. Yet its so easy to get caught up in ourselves. But why? I think its because everything in society points to us. Not the Saviour of the world. Not the creator of the world. Not the Sustainer of the world. But us. Society makes it so easy to live for ourselves. Im not saying this is an excuse, but a mere challenge. How can we overcome it? Walking with Christ. Spending time with our heavenly Father. Who desires a relationship with us. Who wants the very best for us. Our glory is way too small anyways. How can we make our days count? How can we make every moment about Christ? Pray. Pray that doing the right thing will be second nature. Pray that the very thought of making every moment count will consume you. Making every moment count is stressful. It actually makes me nervous. I will fail today. I will fail tomorrow. At those moments I will be most thankful for Grace. But the Lord is near. He wants to help. He wants to change my thinking. He wants to give second chances. More tries. I am thinking about the decisions I might make today. Living for my own glory is wasted time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

30, Flirty and Thriving.

I want an old swimming cap. Not sure if I would wear it all the time, but sometimes. Whenever I went swimming and wanted to keep my curls.


This ones styled a little differently, but it goes so well with her suit.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Im freezing this dream so I can have it forever.

Ok. This was my dream last night. Oh man. Im nervous. I dont know how it started but I was at this hospital in the middle of a jungle. It wasnt an ordinary hospital. It was a hospital for both humans and animals. Wild animals. Now. There were only a few humans in this jungle. Me being one of them. We were searching for a baby. A baby tiger. It resembled a calico kitten. This is how we searched for it. We had to find the areas where the tigers and cheetahs and lions slept. We had to find patches of grass and if it was flat we knew they had been sleeping there. And from there we could somehow track them. I have a vivid memory of finding a flat patch of grass and laying there to get the full effect and to better my chances of finding the thief. As we traveled to different patches we finally came across a family of cheetahs. The baby calico kitten lay in Father Cheetah's mouth. In his lower lip. My human friends and I had to go and pull down his lip and get the baby kitten. Without getting bitten. And without the cheetah getting angry. Success. It was easy. And it was all slimy. We took it to the hospital bc it needed medical attention. I remember walking down the hall in the hospital and looking in each room and seeing animals. I passed one room that had a roaring lion in it. I thought about running for my life but then thought about how it could easily come out of its room and eat me. But if I just quietly walked by and smiled it would all work out. At one point I went into my friends room and she was straightening her hair. Nothing seemed to bother her. While I was confused and stressed from searching for the kitten, it was like a regular day for her. Just another Wednesday at the wild animal hospital in the jungle. In search for the baby kitten stolen by the cheetahs. It sort of gets fuzzy here. All I can recall is that before I woke up I was playing dodge ball in a big dark building with lots of people. They werent very good. And there might have been animals involved there too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too infinity, not anymore.

This video speaks to my heart. It should speak to yours. Here:

Goodbye, Space Program. No, not goodbye.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I wish I had this reading space. Its so simple and comforting. And quiet. And inspiring.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello Figurines. You are small.

I ran across these the other day. Arent they lovely? Its like a tiny world. An imaginative one. A small imaginative one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My cornucopia of thoughts for today.

We've been working so hard in volleyball my whole body hurts. Or it could be Im more out of shape than I thought.
I enjoy listening to Don Knotts voice. For some strange reason I cant explain, its soothing.
I like to watch rain hit the ground. I like to watch puddles form. And seeing the dry ground where my car was. And listening to it. But I rarely ever do that in the summer because if I open the window it makes my hair frizzy. And sometimes its not worth it. And sometimes it is.
I want to play the Accordion so bad. So bad my eyes get squinty.
Still goin strong on my blow-up mattress. 2 weeks. Hopefully Ill be resting peacefully in a bed by next weekend. Not like literally resting peacefully.
Classes started. I hate school so much I get nauseous at the beginning of every semester.
I used to never double knot my shoes. Now I do.
Im so grateful I have 2 arms. I want to inspire people with these arms.
Its been windy. I dont mind. I have boy hair.
The new Coldplay song Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is so brilliant. It gets in my heart and makes me dance.
Current read: Biography of George Muller. A Man of Faith and Miracles. He was Warrior. An Expecting Warrior.