Wednesday, November 18, 2009

they gonna wash away. they gonna wash away.

i always feel really sad when i see live chickens that are being shipped somewhere else. i drove by some the other night and they were on a truck as big as an eighteen wheeler in cages. i just felt sorry for them. although they might enjoy it. they probably think its adventurous. i wonder if they are trying to figure out where theyre going.

i have been celebrating christmas a lot. and drinking coffee late at night.

the weather today is splendid.

my friend mackenzie got me a goldfish. el luchador died last week. i will post his eulogy on here soon. she brought me a very tiny goldfish. i named him el pez dorado. the gold digger.

i finished a book. it was the greatest book ever read. i wanted to run away and search for adventure when i finished. i nearly did. “I was feeling wonderful. It seemed that the wind in my fur and the wild sea beneath me existed solely to transport me into a world of adventure. Could anything be more exciting than a journey into the unknown, a voyage of discovery across the great, wide ocean?”

i am back in the ambidextrious business.

i do love beards.

Friday, November 6, 2009

return to patmos.

if i drove a beetle bug i would feel like im constantly racing in mario kart.

what if in football there were guns. the players could have guns. the only way to get a touchdown is to get to the other side without getting killed. and when you get a touchdown you automatically get ammo. or that was the only way to get ammo.

candy corn flavored pringles. delicious.

i got a new fish. el guapo is still alive but i got him a friend. i named the new one el luchador. the wrestler. the handsome and the wrestler. perfect. he is sort of albino. he is white with orange on top. they kissed once.

i received a 'happy' in the mail last week. it was exhilarating.

the peanut festival. i touched an elephant. i was watching it give rides and i went up to it and it stuck out his trunk and became best friends with me. it was one of my top 5 favorite moments in my entire life. elephants never forget. i sure hope that is true.

Monday, November 2, 2009

sunglasses. gunslasses.

camping. wet. cold. rainy. fire. hot chili. smores. grilled cheese. bedtime. wet. 3:00am. blue van. morning. no fire. cracker barrell. campsite. clean up. rainy. old chili. yuck. however we had such a fun time being together. adventures.

i was nacho libre for halloween. it was da baayste. i wore a curly wig. and everything else that he wears. including a very nice moustache. which was my favorite part. i will soon have a real one. no shave november.

today i played ultimate frisbee against the greatest team of the country. my team lost. obviously.

in one of my education courses i sit by this girl. she drinks 2 chocolate milks and a mountain dew every monday and wednesday. jet packs.

Jesus said to eat a lot of candy. it is good for the mind. soul. and body. and heart.

rock band. they should come out with rock orchestra.

antelope dogs.