Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roll on, America. Roll on.

I have really been wanting to ride one of these. So much so that my heart itches. Whatever that means. Actually I know what it means. I just made it up.

If I could ride any one it would be Kracken, which rests at Seaworld. (Its not like a real Krackin although that would be exhilarating too.) One of the best places on earth. Not bc of the roller coaster, but bc of the animals who have given their life dreams up to be there. For the people. Or maybe it wasnt them that decided. Their kismet lied in someone elses hands. Blast. Or maybe it was their decision. Ide like to think so. Ide like to think so.

I feel restless looking at this picture. Grrreat...Itchy heart.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A super-genius!

Ok. So Im taking this class at BCF this summer. I thought it was gonna be a doozy. But was I wrong. The class is Hermeneutics. Which is Biblical Interpretation. If you ever plan on reading the Bible you need this class. This class is for the purpose of observing scripture then finding the meaning- what it meant to the original audience then to us. There is this river of culture, time, values, etc, that separates us from them. Ive only had 3 classes and Ive gained so much insight and understanding. So. About my professor. I know all of you are on the edge of your seat. First impression: Mustache, short, grey, gentle voice, fancy get-up, tiny glasses, etc. All of these are good things. He looked so...professional I was intimidated. Not to mention there are 3 men in my class. Thats enough as it is. Which I dont want to toot my own horn but I have to tell you this. First you should know he has written a novel. Its actually in the process of being published. So he is big on writing. He is going to teach us how to write in a very formal way. Dangit. So we had our first few assignments due this past Tuesday. One was a 3 page paper on our preunderstandings about the Bible. I tried collecting my thoughts which is hard for me when writing a paper for school. I turned it in thinking I did horrible job as far as writing. So yesterday we got it back and he complimented how I wrote. Out of 3 men he was highly impressed with mine. He said he just enjoyed reading it. I nearly cried. I thought what he was about to say was how much it sucked. No. No. I take that back he would never do that. He sees the best in everything. It was a very humbling moment. Not to mention he used my other assignments as an example and passed it around to let everyone see how its done. I contemplated on not putting this in my blog but I really am humbled by the fact he made these few insignificant short comments. Especially when I thought it was going to be a disaster!

So. About him. Sorry for the long paragraph. I bet some of you thought about reading then stopped. Which my professor talked about how paragraphs are crucial bc they let the reader breathe. Oops. Didnt mean to suffocate you. Wait, this is my blog I can do whatever I want. and however I want. Ok. Fine. Take a breath...

He goes by the name Dr. Larry Bruce. Quick synapses. He was in academics for 17 years. Let me tell you about that. He was interested in Philosophy. He thought his professors had all the satisfying answers for him. They didnt. He switched majors. Something w Archeology. He did a lot of cool things and experiments w this. Wish I knew more about that. Switched majors or maybe he minored in that. Then he was involved in the military airforce. Flew planes. Maybe fighter planes. He said he had a lot of close encounters. With death. Got into the pilot life. Like a real pilot. It only took him 1 year to get his pilot license. Then, being the genius he is, he created this program that all American pilots use. I dont know what it is, but I think recently it changed. Got married and lived in Texas. He had everything he wanted, he thought. He had a nice home, wife, convertible, the whole dream. He was even building some plane at the time. Then off to seminary. Found Christ. In a really tangible powerful way. His testimony brings him to tears. Its a beautiful story. With all of these experiences he thought the destination was at the end of each. He would reach it then be completely unsatisfied. Until he found Christ.

He reminds me of a character in one of my favourite books, The 13 and Half Lives of Captain Bluebear. A section of the book Bluebear goes to this school where this unique intellectual professor, Professor Nightingale, teaches the important aspects of existing. Professor Nightingale has seven brains. One was in his head, four grew outside his head, the sixth was located where the spleen normally is and the seventh was an object of eternal speculation among the students.

Here: "To the superficial eye he looked rather small and frail. His spindly little arms dangled- superfluously, it seemed- at the sides of his bent body, which was precariously supported by two wobbly legs resembling lengths of garden hose encased in trousers. He was slightly humpbacked, and his head, with its four external brains, was tremulously balanced on a long, scraggy neck. His big bright eyes protruded so far from their sockets, we were always afraid they'd pop out of his head, especially when he became agitated. Yes, Nightingale made an extremely frail impression, but appearances were deceptive. He simply preferred to solve problems by dint of mental exertion. I was actually present one day when the professor opened a can of sardines merely by applying his mind to the task."

Here is a picture of the character: ...yyyeah thats a mustache on his frail face. Along with a graduation cap on each brain.

There is so much more to say about this character and also about my real professor, Dr. Bruce, but I simply dont have the words that would do him justice. He is an explorer, and adventurist, and a world class...inventor. He is a man of God and seeks to live as He did. The way he observes the Scriptures is beautiful, not only that but he is so open to what we have to say. He pays attention to what we say and he isnt too proud to learn from us.

The other day at the end of a passage he told us to summarize the way David wrote by using one word. I said he makes it sound Desirable. and Dr. Bruce and I understood each other. He said 'Youre right......Its Winsome. I wouldve never thought that.' One of the men said thats an old school word! That man doesnt appreciate words like Dr. Bruce and I do. I wanted to punch him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Madder than a Minninite.

Ive had to move out of my shelf room for the summer. Im so sad. When I first moved in there I felt so...confused. But now, I want it back. I want those shelves. They were so close to my heart. and face. It was a tiny room. Im having to adjust to my new habitat. Its so...not shelvy. Which brings me to my next point. Change. Why is it human nature to not be accepting of anything new. I usually can adapt easily. But for some reason, I want my room back. I hated the house, its haunted, but I want my shelves. I want them to swallow me. Its like my nature condemns this new dorm. Or maybe its because I have no desire to live in a dorm. Ever again. But there are only so many apartments in Graceville. Its all for the cause.

There are so many things I want to say but dont feel like writing them. So goodbye.

Well Ill say one thing. I went to Panama City to visit some Birmingham friends. We had such fun times. We saw sharks. and made a lot of shark jokes. Not the kind you are probably thinking of. I say all this to say Im so glad I got to spend time with them. They are beautiful peoples. The kind that think like me. and vice versa. Vers visa.

Here is a list of possible topics I will blog about soon:
My new teacher.
Something old.
Summer job at Wiregrass Church.
Penguin child.
A picture and explanation of someone on a bike.
Maybe an old story.
Updates on my ambidextrous hand.
Summer readings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the forth be with you.

I would like to own this couch. It is just so grand. and vintage. and yellow. But you know all that.

I will tell you something you might not know. I have eaten a banana everyday this week. I havent eaten one yet today though. I can see one from here. Its a brain booster sort of food. Its also exam week. So you do the math. Food math. And while we're on the subject of bananas I used to have one of these:

They were stuffed animals. They sang too. Bananas in Pajamas. My friend Allison had the partner.