Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tonight is Incognito at BCF. Its a Halloween Costume Party. Im going as Nacho Libre which means I get to draw a moustache on my face. Which means I get to do one of my favorite things in the entire world.

This weekend, as a 6th grade girls small group leader, I had the opportunity to go on a youth retreat. We went to Sharp Top Cove in Georgia. It was beautiful. and crisp. The air was fresh and it felt good to get away. My girls learned a lot and Im glad. I spend a lot of time praying for them.

I just filled out my absentee ballot.

Next week Im going to the National Peanut Festival. I feel like Ive waited my whole life for this. Last year I gloriously touched an elephant. We became best friends. I bet he'll remember me. Elephants never forget.

Two weeks ago Brian and I took the Fountain kids to the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan. When we got there it was closed due to construction. So we went to Wiregrass Church and toured the new building. Its coming along! Then we went to get ice cream at Yogurt Kraze. And we ended the fun surprising day at the park.

I didnt have a favorite toy when I was little. Mom said. She said I liked to play outside.

We are the champions of the Volleyball intramurals. Booyahz.

Im starting a new book in approximately 5 minutes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple juice flood.

Im currently watching Fantastic Mr Fox. I love this movie so much. I like it bc its just so wondrous. And fantastic. Thats it! And everything is in the shade of orange and light brown golden mustard yellowish.

There is suppossed to be a meteor shower tonight. I would like to stay up all night and watch it. I like to keep my eyes on the skies.

Sometimes when Im mad I spit. It helps me feel better.

I want some delicious apple cider. Right now. Its all Ive been thinking about. Celebrating fall and thankfulness is so exciting.

Today I found a live cat and I tried putting it in my basket on my bike. It kept jumping out. Rats. Cats like rats. Bc rats are kind of like mice. mices. mouses.

I have never ran over an animal with my car before. I ran over 2 squirrells this week. In one week! I almost cried with the first one. I did cry with the second one. Not really. I nearly did.

Im going on a retreat with my small group girls this weekend. Its with Wiregrass Church. Which is basically the coolest church ever. No but seriously. I am praying God will teach them a lot of things. At least one thing. I am also praying for meaningful conversation with each of them.

Im about to start a new book. I always have a hard time getting started. I can never just open it and start reading. I usuall have to get some place quiet and start. Like at a park. Or in the woods. Or in my room with my fall lights on. From then on out I cant put the book down. Bc Im good at picking out books.

I want to learn Kung Fu. Everything is Kung Fu.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The ceety of meeeesteries.

My dream that I had last night is a mystery. I hate it when I dont know the purpose of doing something in my dream. I cant remember why I did some of the things in my dream last night. Ill give you what I do remember:

I ate every meal on a very fast moving train. It was highly dangerous when getting on it too.

The restaurant on the train was fancy. But I never wore a dress.

Everything on the train was green. It was like looking through night vision goggles that have this light green shade. If that helps.

Me and some people (whom I cant remember) were on our way to the train to eat and we passed this huge mud pit. It was in the middle of the road and a man had been trapped in it for a few weeks. Underneath the road. (I think since I have been thinking about the miners I had this dream). We were walking by and one of the news reporters grabbed me and said will you answer some questions about this. He asked me what I think it would feel like to be trapped underneath the ground for weeks. He asked me what I think the man was thinking. And he asked me what I think the man learned from his experience underground. I had good answers. I was on the news. Then we made our way to the train to eat.

When I got on the train I saw my cousin, Kessler, and I asked if she saw the man in the mud pit. This is when I woke up when I was sleep talking. I literally woke up in the middle of asking this question. I was whispering. It was so real to me. When I was awake I felt like I really wanted to know if she saw the man. Then when I was even more alert...I laughed at myself.

I escaped the moving train towards the end of our meal bc I had to make a quick, private trip to California. I flew there to see a good friend.

I cant remember why I flew to see her. This is the part when I wish I could remember the purpose of flying to California.

Thats my dream.

I lack confidence in thinking you pictured this dream well. Its impossible to see it as I saw it. Lived it. I wish you could. Bc it would still be a mystery.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

never was a cloudy day.

A friend of mine just found a feather on the ground. He gave it to me. Im taping it in my journal. Its still fresh.

It felt good to be home last weekend. The art show was perfect. In all its glory. I wanted to buy a painting of a tree. It was 700 dollars. What do they think Im made of money? I told them I wasnt. Then carved my name in their painting.

I am going home again this weekend too. My good friends Meredith and Jeremy are making promises to be wed forever.

El guapo was so excited to see me when I got back. He jumped out of his bowl and came running to give me a hug.

I found a pretty yellow leaf at my brothers new house. I taped it in my journal. I like to tape things in my journal. It makes me feel like Im saving it forever. I am. It is comforting to me. It makes me feel safe.