Monday, September 29, 2008


i have a new liking. something that i used to dislike very much. with everything in me. no one would ever find me near these. pretzels. i like them now. i must have new tastebuds. actually i do. pretzels. i dont hate it.

i wish i had a pretzel in the shape of a bicycle. and lifesize.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

growing filaments.

sometimes i wish i could have different hair everyday.


monday: short hair, with swoopy bags.

tuesday: dreadlocks, maybe with a bandana.

wednesday: a yellow mohawk.

thursday: long hair.

friday: chinese hair.

saturday: purple hair.

sunday: short curly hair.

that'll be the week.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Autumnal Equinox. aka fall.

fall made it!!! yes. i thought it wasnt going to come. it feels heavenly outside. every time i walk out, i let out this big "aughhhh..." and breathein all the goodness that comes with fall. the pumpkins are becoming pumpkins. the sky is beginning to lok more and more blue. and the leaves are tired of bein green. however, if i were a leaf, i wouldve already changed to orange.

at school today, i was down by the lake on the dock and there was this family (that lives near by) and there were two younger boys (about 4 and 5) and one of the boys looked at me and said "hey! we are feeding the turtles to the bread!" i laughed. and while they were feeding the turtles, this HUGE turtle swam up, and they started freaking out in excitement, and the mom said, "thats the pappa turtle," and one of the little boys said, "that looks like daddy!"

everyday i walk down to the dock and play my mandolin. after a while there ends up being about 6 people with there guitars. its fun. today i was playing and 3 of my friends came down and one of them wanted to play my mandolin. i started to ride my bike around in circles, he ended up writing this song about it. it is hilarious. but it also sounds really good. it sounds like something nickel creek would write. they are my favorite.

here is what the song is about:

its kind of like that song lighthouse, by nickel creek, ya know with the tradegy at the end...well the starts out with me riding my bike all over town and "nobody knows where ive been or where ive come from, or how fast im going." and while im riding my bike, on the dock, the water rises and i drown, and i become this legendary troll underneath the lake, and unitl someone else comes and rides there bike consistently like i did, well, they die and become the troll.

i know it sounds weird but it sounds awesome. i cant wait til its done.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a new hand in town.

im becoming ampedextrious. it is so fun. how am i doing this? im glad you asked. i am using a small notebook. i write in it all the time. it goes wherever i go. i write the date at the top of the page, so i can keep up with my improvement. and hopefully at the end of the notebook i'll have really good handwriting. and ill also be able to take notes twice as fast. and ill be able to pick my nose with both hands. eggsellent.

bright lights.

fair: a word which means a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill. last weekend was the party weekend. it was sampsons birthday. we thought it would be fun if we went to the fair that was held in pelham. we did and werent disapointed. we arrived and all the ride lights took my breath. i wasnt expecting real real rides. i mean, they had big rides. it was exciting to me to walk in and breathe in the "fair smell." they smell like dirty animals, sweaty kids, funnel cakes and B-O. it was amazing. i felt as if i were 5 years of age. when we got there, i said to brittany moore "i think i just want to take off running..." so i did. we went to a petting zoo. and we also saw the 5th largest pig. it weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds. i know, thats what i said. ive never seen anything like it. i felt so sorry for it. i dont think it can walk. its legs were only about a foot and a half long. poor thing. it was most definitley a night to remember. happy birthday sampson.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

long grass highlights thousands of waves.

so for my title, i combined a word from every paragraph.

its in the air. theres magic in the air. fall is its name. im so excited. i can wear long sleeves. and long pants. and long underpants. and long socks. and everything thats long.

i painted my picture yesterday. i painted grass with two different color greens. its very pretty. i painted on two canvas'. and put them together to make a long rectangle.

i also repainted the sistene chapel. and i put some highlights in mona lisa's hair.

it poured the other day and so there were thousands of puzzles on campus. me and my friend rode our bikes through every puddle. twice. literally. we were soaking wet. and then i disguised myself and went into the other dorm and rode my bike in their extremely long hallway. my outfit consisted of a t-shirt and shorts, a hat on backwards, a bandana on my face like a bandit, and my yellow rainboots. then i fell off my bike bc the floor was wet. my friend is gonna put it on youtube.

words of the day: seismic waves.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

untitled. thats the title. untitled.

fall is creeping slowly around the corner. as much as i love hot weather and the beach im ready for cool air and very blue skies. sometimes i wish alabama was colorado. its the perfect state.

and i also cant wait to carve a pumpkin and eat the seeds. raw. jk.

i made a 96 on my first speech which i was very nervous about.

i want to get my haircut, but i cant decide. i hate decisions. and i want swoopy bangs.

i cant think of what i can be for halloween. i might be link again from zelda.

i got an early start on christmas and watched elf last week. haha, i couldnt help it. i love that movie.

im going bike riding tonight w some friends.

im gonna go to hobby lobby sometime this week and get a canvas and some paint. im gonna paint a picture.

thats all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

dorm fun.

so we just stoled my friends shoes and put them in the dryer. she had a whole box full. and she is freaking out. haha. its so funny. i love pranks. but only when theyre not played on me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

come fly with me.

im looking foward to fall. im excited about wearing long stuff. like long sox, long boots, and long long john shirts. i like crisp air. air thats not humid. but ive never lived in florida when its fall season. what if, in florida, its humid all year round. oh no. i certainly hope not.

i went biking today. it was fun. i felt like i was on the sandlot. all the neighborhoods around the school are old and cool looking. we stopped at a park and found a small ramp. we did trixies.

im listening to rap music. and dancing. like a (black person) of course.

i also listened to franklyn sinatra today. for a long time. if i could have a singing voice it would be his. actually it would be louis armstrong. im just gonna start talking like him.

while on the subject of music, im still fascinated by the new coldplay cd. i love it so much. most of the songs just make me dance. i cant even help it. it gets in my bones. coldplay gets in my bones...i dont hate it. heh heh.

me some girls wathced martian child last night. actually we ended up playing games the whole time. so i have still yet to see it.

well bye