Monday, March 31, 2008

throw up your rock fist!

i brought out some old tunes today!!! michael w smith...anyone ever heard of him? i put in his cd this morning while cleaning my room and i was surprised at how many words i remembered. haha it was the cd "go west young man." its a good one. you should listen to it. it made me think of lindsey grefseng, bc we used to dance to one of the songs:) and if she knew i was writing this, she would probably beat me up.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


today i wore a dress to church. after church i went to la fiesta. after la fiesta i went home. we had a bridal tea at my house. i was still wearing the dress. after the bridal tea me and brittany moore hung out. after me and brittany moore hung out i went home. i changed clothes. after i changed clothes i noticed the price tag was still on my dress:) luckily, it was tucked in the whole day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i visited a Bible College yesterday with my cousin, aunt, and my mom. its "Bible College of Florida." its in Graceville, Florida. it was really nice and pretty. i believe it only has about 700 enrolled students, so its very small. i liked the people, they were very welcoming. my cousin, Kessler, will be attending when she graduates from high school in 2 years. i just dont know what to do. i dont have a clue where the Lord's leading me. i hate making big decisions like this. it gets me stressed out. i guess the other college im interested in is Montevallo. its so hard deciding things like this. i wish God would just write me a little note telling me what i need to do. wouldnt that be cool? anyways, this is currently my life right now. its not that fun. i hate school.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

All the Deputies of Eufaula.

so here i am again blogging from somewhere else bc its fun. actually im blogging bc something fun just happened and i needed to write about it while it was fresh on my mind. so me and my cousin were on our way home from Dear's house (thats what everyone calls our grandmother), and we saw 6 police cars ZOOM by, maybe 100 miles per hour or so, me and my cousin decided to follow them bc we thought it would be adventurous. we put the petal to the metal and raced right behind them like we one of them. then we saw about 6 different police cars going the opposite direction. we didnt know what to do, so we turned around and followed the "new police cars." well low and behold we found the crime scene...well technically it wasnt a crime scene. we drove by very slowly and i rolled down the window and heard a policeman yell at somebody that was involved, "YOU! SIT DOWN!!" that was the best part, we kept driving by thinking we would get more and more acion each time:) we think while the police cars were chasing after the victim, someone was pulling out of a neighborhood and accidently hit the police car. so i think the rest of the police cars went on and a few stayed back, bc 2 ambulences came. everyone in town will be talking about this tomorrow, bc its not a big town and they dont get much action. (i mean,which is probably a good thing) (we are just hardened to all of the things that happen in down town b'ham)
welp, i thought that was worth blogging for. i wish you couldve been there. i cant really put into words the excitement we felt. it was a night to remember. 10,4.

comforting thoughts.

im currently with my aunt at the elementary/junior high school she works at. its a school and church combined. (like shades mtn). my cousin is in school now, so im just hanging out with my aunt. my mom is going to eat with some old high school friends...i wasnt invited, and i dont have a problem with this. this school is so cool. its small and sort of old/antique looking. theres lots of "antebellum" homes in eufaula. i love it. i can see myself teaching in a small school like this, where everyone knows each other. i cant wait to teach. im thinking second grade...theyre old enough to zip their pants but they dont have so much an "attitude" yet. i think im gonna go sit in some classes and observe. i just met this really cute young married teacher. she seems like someone i could learn from.

i like blogging when im somewhere else. i feel like it makes it more interesting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so ive been deathly ill. jk i just have a cold. but i was on my way to school this morning, and i was listening to norah jones, and i figured out i sound just like her bc im sick. her voice is so cool and like airy, and since i have a cold i can sing just like her. i love it.

me and mom are about to leave to go to eufaula. shes having her 40th high school reunion (i know what your thinking) (she is old). and also me and my cousin and my aunt and mom are going to visit a bible college in dothan, AL. im not too excited about it bc thats not where i want to go, but im asking God to give me an open mind.

im very excited about seeing my cousin, shes 16. i love her. her names kessler. i know, cool name.

i really like chips and salsa.

and Curtis Take Home Chef.

im gonna marry him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

la playa! (thats spanish for "the beach")

one of my favorite things to do is go to the beach. i love it. i wished i lived by a beach (minus hurricanes). my mom had the wonderful priviledge of taking me, sampson, and brittany moore to orange beach last week (we all had the same dates for spring break so we decided to take advantage of that). we had the most wonderful time. everytime i go to the beach, i always feel overwhelmed. i love looking at the vast ocean and not being able to see the end of it. i try so hard to see land and buildings, but i never can. and i love knowing that He knows exactly how many grains of sand there are. thats crazy. i love the feeling i get when i go to the beach. God is so cool. thats all.

ill try and put together a slideshow soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

adventures in the great outdoors

yesterday was the beginning of my SPRING BREAK!!! hurray its finally here. i wish i was talking about summer:) in celebration of the beginning of the break, me, rachel, kristin, gretchen, gretchen's dog coda, and drew all went hiking in moss rock preserve. it was beauutiful outside. me and drew climbed up the "baby waterfalls," it was exhilerating. gretchens dog was trying to rescue me, even though i wasnt in need of rescuing, and he almost slid down and off the waterfall. we did a little rock climbing but not much bc drew cant until his doctor says he can. i wore my water "solomons." theyre really cool water/hiking shoes. i walked up the entire river. it was cold, but it felt so good. when it gets warmer we decided we're all gonna swim in the tiny river. and maybe slide sown a few waterfalls...that would be fun. i just love the woods. i like to wear bandanas when i go in the woods. it makes me feel like "man vs wild" or a woodsman or something. i would like to be a woodsman and eat squirrels and stuff. and start a fire with only sticks so i could cook my squirrel...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"reminiscing"...or "bethinking" if you will...

i love daylight savings time. i like to save daylight. it makes me think of when i was little and would get to play outside AFTER dinner too. me and my neighbors (jonerskine and jonathan) would play all day outside and then it would be time to eat dinner and i remember seeing him come to the kitchen window and i would still be eating and i would yell "hold on, im almost done!" and then we would continue playing whatever we were playing before dinner. good times. i grew up with a bunch of boy neighbors. so i was always getting dirty and what not. but it was fun, except when they would pick on me. something fun that we would always do was we would take out the battery to those "mini barbie jeeps" and we would ride down the huge hill on my street at an incredible speed and then occasionally go off into someones yard and flip out of the jeep. we didnt ever wear helmets. i had a girl neighbor, she lived up the street, we didnt play much, but she taught me how to stand on the seat of my bike while going down a hill. haha. yeah, i think now shes in one of those rollerskating leagues where they beat eachother up and stuff. weird.

Monday, March 10, 2008

my life sountrack...

Put your ipod on shuffle and see what you come up with. i was a little disappointed.

Open credits: Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson

Waking up: We Will Rock You by Queen

First day of school: The Happy Song by Chris Tomlin

Falling in love: Lamplight by Jump, Little Children

Fight song: Airport Song by Guster

Breaking up: Awake My Soul by Derek Webb

Prom: Kokomo by Beach Boys

Life: Oh Happy Day by Kirk Franklin (wow, thats a good one)

Mental Breakdown: The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Beach Boys (haha weird)

Driving: Mm Bop by Hanson

Flashback: In Your Freedom by Hillsong

Getting back together: Come on! Lets Boogey to the Elf Dance! by Sufjan Stevens

Wedding: Dont Touch Me by Space Ghost (how ironic)

Birth of child: Found by Hillsong

Final battle: I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles by Proclaimers

Death scene: Carnival Town by Norah Jones

Funeral Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

End credits: Two at a Time by Guster

Saturday, March 8, 2008

good times.

so i played "rock band" for the first time last night and scott and rees. i think i could play it all the time. me, kristin and rachel got real in to it and drew lightning bolts on our arms. it made me feel like i was really in a rock band. and i also wore a bandana on my head. its all about the look. i love "getting in character" for things like that. i like rock band. i could be addicted. but i cant, since i dont have it........maybe thats a good thing:)

so im in love with the song savior king by hillsong. rachel let me have her burned cd. shes so nice. i cleaned my room this morning and turned up that song real loud. i started dancing but then i remembered i was suppossed to be cleaning my room.

i made a snow angel on my back porch this morning. but its gone now. im glad. im ready for warm weather.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


these two numbers refer to the numbers i made on my 2nd psychology test...yup. woo-hoo! well, i studied...and i told you that the questions were not even gonna talk to her about this one...she didnt help me with the last test, she just showed me the answers. she has a black heart. i know it. she was so mean in class yesterday. this boy got up quietly and walked out and she was very surprised that someone got up and walked out...she said "excuse me...? take your seat! is this an emergency???????" and the boy was like " mam...i think im dropping the class..." she was like "well it would be A LOT more curtious to do that AFTER class...!!!" well this went on for about 5 minutes...she just...aaaaahhhhh makes me so mad. its not her business to ask where hes going...its ok. we cant even get up to go the bathroom...and HOW OLD ARE WE??? i cant really explain her. you would just have to be there. sometimes i want to throw a tomato at her face or something.

Monday, March 3, 2008

helium in my brain, tricks, othello, and sunshine.

last saturday i went to lisa's nieces birthday party. she turned two. her names kimsey, shes so cute. it was fun watching her open presents. later when some of the relatives left, me and colby and cameron decided to steal all of the helium from her balloons. we talked and then laighed really hard. its always fun killing brain cells. maybe thats why ive never made good grades.

well, talking about grades, we had psychology test number two today, it was fierce. i studied very very hard, i knew all of the defintions from the FOUR chapters we had to know. mrs stork is SO tricky. i hate it. she messes with my brain. one question she combined three definitions. it was a multiple choice question and, for the most part, i knew the definitions for the possible answers, but i went up to her and said, "i feel like you combined the definitions of each of these into one definition...i said, "is this a trick question?" and she said..."welllllll..." thats all she said, and i circled a word in the question and said "is this the key word..." and she said "yes." i thought ok good. one down, 49 left. pretty much all the questions were like that. and she told us to study chapter 12 the most, she said thats where she would get most of the questions from. so, i listened, and studied chapter 12 left and right, up and down, all over, and through...i knew just about everything...well, she only put like FIVE questions on the test from that chapter!! i wanted to scream. and then she said, "know all the parts of the eye on page 149!" so i knew that parts of the eye on page 149...but was that on there??? OF COURSE NOT!!! geez. so i dont know what to think...last test i studied for approximately 4 and a half hours straight and made a D! but i felt confident. so maybe since i dont feel confident for this test, i made a really good grade. hey...just trying to think positive. she makes my brain crazy...or maybe its the helium.

ive been loving this weather! i wish it was like this all the time. i layed out last monday and then again thursday...and i actually got some sun!! the end of february...who wouldve thought.

we have to write an in-class paper tomorrow in english on the famous shakespeare play "Othello." its so dumb. i hate shakespeare, his writings might as well be in Chinese.

thers a storm a'blowin in. that means i get to wear my rainboots tomorrow. i like wearing my rainboots. i might leave my window open tonight. i hope it doesnt get too cold.