Sunday, December 28, 2008

the dinosaur DNA.

i got something for christmas that really excites me. i. got. rock. climbing. shoes. itll be so much easier now. however i havent been able to use them yet because of the rain. hopefully soon though.

ski trip with the college group this week. i already know we are gonna have good times. and we are gonna laugh so much. i cant wait to hit the slopes.

im currently watching jurassic park. mmm. dinosuars. so intense.

im at a loss for words. kbye.

Monday, December 22, 2008

God bless the USA. aka Johnson City, TN.

so. tennessee. fun. adventures. good times seeing the people i love a lot. new people too. i gave and received a lot of hugs. it makes me sad to think i wont see them for a while. it all happened so fast but i really had a wonderful time. i also love driving. especially if yor listening to good music. and especially to the mountains. they have a piece of my heart.

i hiked part of the million mile trail. aka the appalachian trail. i hiked part of it. yes! it was a new day. an unforgettable day. i will hike more someday. we saw an old cabin. i nearly climbed in it. we came to a meadow. and we looked the stars for a long time. and we saw a cloud that looked like a dragon. we decided that anything/everything can look like a dragon.

i want to think im not a sentimental person. however. i really am. really. ill keep anything that was involved in a special moment or a funny moment. to me, its a treasure. its also the small things that are so important to me. me and some friends found a plastic toy turtle. i carried it w me on the hike. in my left hand. its small and insignificant. but to me, it means the world. i havent named it yet. thats a really important job and could take days.

my dear friend rachael randolph informed me that JFK and C.S. Lewis died on the same day. interesting.

it was a good weekend. good times. good laughs. good people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

all the wild horses.

so the new thing to do at parties is play jenga. duh. the best music to listen to while playing is none other than bob marley.

we also played balderdash. so funny. people can think of the craziest things.

im currently downloading sigur ros on my ipod. mmm. and some other stuff. i got to have new tunes for the drive...

im off to tennessee tomorrow! the day finally came. i never thought it would. the camp i work at ( throws a big christmas party every year. everyone thats ever worked there can come. i love the people up there. we have close bonds.

i still need to make paper snowflakes.

im aksdhfuenjgniv. aka hungry.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

dragon tears = jelly beans.

tonight i had so many laughs. they werent just laughs. they were really good ones. ones that come around every once in a while. laughs that make your stomach hurt are the real ones. the treasures.

the laughs were taken place at the 'owen family christmas party.' aka jonathan and kristin's house. we played this extremely hilarious game. i think it was called party showdown. or something. and we played jenga. the worlds greatest game.

we made things like monsters and christmas trees out of jenga pieces too.

i hate corn bread. its dry and crumbly. maybe it thinks im dry and crumbly...

today i threw something on my bed while my cat was taking a nap, she might of had a mild heart attack. then she looked at me and im pretty sure she was thinking, 'who do you think you are.'

it was supposed to snow yesterday. i knew it wasnt going to. i lost hope i know. i have a good reason though. last year when i was working at j.crew it snowed. i was working. when i got off work i went home only to find no more snow. that was the worst christmas ever. (sufjan song.) so since it was SUPPOSED to snow yesterday, my mom let me have an early christmas present. it was a hat and a scarf. how nice of her to let me have it when it was supposed to snow. even though it didnt, i had a very warm head and neck.

sufjan stevens christmas albums are the best. duh. i wish i could make you listen to them.

its 2:30 in the morning. and my arms are cold from not being under the covers bc im blogging. aka typing. and to all a good night.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

share bread. share moments.

I know what space smells like. apple cider. It smells like apple cider. The starbucks kind.

finals. are. over. party. time. is. here. all. the. time.

favorite christmas song that i completely forgot about. ‘simply havin a wonderful christmas time.’ i cant believe my brain almost forgot.

i went to the library today. i hate reading however i got a book. a dear friend of mine told me a good one. and we are the same. so i think ill like it.

im reading it. and drinking coffee. i wish i could say im sitting by a fire as well, but i can only say im sitting by a space heater. but im also eating saltine crackers with peanut butter. which makes everything better.

salvation army bells are ringing. christmas is here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

cecelian legless lizard.

im watching the grinch (jim carrey) for the 4th time this season. it never ceases to amazing me.

If I were a superhero I would have an endless supply of poisoness mushrooms. Duh.

bear grylls. nuff said.

i received a batman coloring book from a friend yesterday. along with everything else thats my favorite. bubble gum. and recee cups.

im nearly finished with finals!!!!!!!!! it does my heart glad.

ill be home for christmas.

love is magic.

Monday, December 1, 2008

magnetic gold.

guess what? i have really hairy legs. no shave november duh. its over. i can shave now. (you should see my arm pits.)

im currently learning a new song on my mandolin. this is the song. 'Rise' by Eddie Vedder. aka lead singer of pearl jam. a musical genius. this song is magical.

im going to make paper snowflakes very soon. i watched elf last night and i love christmas.

i found a leaf today at school. its bigger than my head.

all my exams are this week. aka a week early than theyre scheduled for. which means ill be home for christmas...

i get to go to Tennessee for a christmas party. doe river gorges christmas party. i cant wait to see everyone. and we will most likely go sledding. bc theres snow up there. and big hills.

the hills are alive with the sound of music.