Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I like the smell of...

Blog posts.
Pool toys.
Antique stores. Aka History.
El guapo. You might not.
Fresh air.
Nail polish remover.
My coffee thats brewing.

But most of all I like the smell of summers. Which reminds me, I need to get back to my work. The semester is coming to a close. So I have a billion things due friday. See how I didnt capitalize friday? Thats bc I dont have time to. And its irrelevant to me right now. This blog post is so relevant to me right now. With that being said, I will upload a great picture.

What about Grandma?

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today is Earth Day and also Good Friday.

Earth Day is a time we celebrate what the earth is. Its a day of appreciation. Not in a weird way. Even though I have face paint on. bc the Indians knew the earth well. With their feet. and skills. and direction. Today I am wearing moccasins and face paint in honor of them. Or maybe it was just an excuse to look like an Indian. Today I am celebrating animals, science, weather, trees, insects, seas, mountains, ugly animals, the different kinds of flowers, photosynthesis, the ground. etc. But I celebrate these everyday.

I thought it was ironic. The Earth was created by the Savior of the world that died thousands of years ago for us. It was his plan. God was, and always will be. He had a plan for every person. He created the world with intelligent design. and you and me. And he died just for us. So I am celebrating these together. The earth brings glory to God. But you know that. I just wanted to put it out there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun is shining everyday.

I would like this hat for Easter. Isnt it darling. Its probably hand-crafted. And over a hundred years old. Doris Day looks lovely in it. I would half of a half of a half as lovely as her.

Here is a picture of my mother of pearl and sister and brother and their mother of pearl from a very long time ago. I want my moms orange hat as well.

I love old things. and old photos. Sometimes I see the world in black and white. In a good way. Dont worry, Im glad I can see in color. I wouldnt be able to appreciate the color of El Guapo. or the trees. or Chief Powhatan. or Dr. Richards bow ties. or the red exit sign above doors. or the blue sky. The Beatles appreciated the blue sky. I love that song.

Friday, April 15, 2011

To be informed.

I have a tooth itch.

I thought that was worth a blog post.

Yall needed to know.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


quoting movies in real life.
crinkly papers.
getting a clean sheet of paper, crinkling it up, getting it dirty, and drawing a treasure map on it.
digging up holes and burying secret things in it.
observing clouds.
eating snacks for lunch.
writing phrases on my arm. in permanent ink. risky.
shooting rubber bands.
old books.
old people.
tiny things.
dinosaur key chains.
hair buns. and nuns.
scarlet pimpernel.
making pinky promises.
walking to the beat of my heart.
watching other people play dumb games on their computer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First space traveller.

Today marks the day of the first earthling launched into space. A Russian man named Yuri Gagarin. I was just thinking of the things he saw. And what he was thinking before blast off. I bet he just embraced death. I would have. To go where no human being has ever been? That’s shocking. I would have just said…Its totally worth it. Goodbye. He probably is the one who invented astronaut space food. Like dry ice cream. Ive eaten space food before ya know. Not in space. I was on earth. At the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. We took a field trip there in 6th grade. We even got to really imagine being at the center of control while we launched someone into space. We wore headsets and got to push buttons and open cabinets. My friend and I were in charge of oxygen supply. We almost ran out of time bc we couldn’t find the oxygen tanks. Then after, we realized all the parents and teachers had been watching us through those fake windows. Blast. Like a rocket. I wonder if his hands were shaking. What if his hands were shaking so bad he pushed all the wrong buttons. Or if he is the type of person that cant handle pressure. And he forgot everything he knew about rockets and control. His spacecraft was Vostok. He circled the earth. Or space terminology- orbited. First journey around the world. Success. Go Soviets. Go Buzz Lightyear. I am celebrating with them today. He is a hero to many.

I bet he encountered aliens. Hope he packed his alien gun. And his alien repellent.

"I'm actually stationed at the Gamma Quadrant, Sector Four. As a member of the elite Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger Corps, I protect the Galaxy from the threat of invasion from the evil Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance!"

Thursday, April 7, 2011


There is a light
It burns brighter than the sun
He steals the night
And casts no shadow
There is hope
Should oceans rise and mountains fall
He never fails

So take heart
Let His love lead us through the night
Hold on to hope
And take courage again

In death by love
The fallen world was overcome
He wears the scars of our freedom
In His Name
All our fears are swept away
He never fails

All our troubles
And all our tears
God our hope
He has overcome

All our failure
And all our fear
God our love
He has overcome
All our heartache
And all our pain
God our healer
He has overcome

All our burdens
And all our shame
God our freedom
He has overcome

God our justice
God our grace
God our freedom
He has overcome

God our refuge
God our strength
God is with us
He has overcome