Monday, February 25, 2008

man oh man!

my psychology class was canceled too!!! (refer to previous post) Im speechless.

favorite monday in the world.

typically, mondays arent the best day of the week...but not this monday. lets take a walk through my day so far. well i didnt want to wake up this morning (at 6:30), but i did anyway...i went to school with my ipod on shuffle...i park, then abby parks next to me, and she tells me that we have a spanish quiz today...i had forgotten. so we walk up to class (took the stairs today, better excercise), and we sat down and started to study. everbody was cramming. apparently they had forgotten too. well, this little old lady walks in to tell the most incredible news, our teacher was pregnant!!! in espanol "pregnant" means embarassado. actually shes not pregnant, OUR CLASS WAS CANCELED! when your in school this is what you wish you could hear about once a week. so everybody started jumping up and down screaming "HURRAY! HURRAY!" not really, thats what everybody was probably thinking. so mine and abbys next class wasnt til 11:00!!! what to do?!?!?! we felt as if we couldve conquered the world with this time!! but instead of conquering the world, we went to mcdonalds. dont worry, we didnt play in the playground, we studied. bc we are so studious. after that (we still had hours before our next class) we went to the new campus (since neither of us have never been, we thought we would have a little adventure and check it out. well, first of all, let me just attempt to tell you the parking spot that i was weird, i parked in front of another car, but in the middle of us was a median, but i parked in front of this little open sidewalk thing. it was strange, we thought it was cool though bc its the best monday ever...i mean why not have a cool parking spot to go along with it. anyway we go into the enormous building looking for the library...we walk into this "cafe" only to find a whole bunch of cullinary students staring at us. yeah. i hate it when that happens. so we wandered around and then left bc there was no library. so now we are in the real library blogging about this morning! ha, its been a good day so far. maybe ill have another good story later today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

alive with christ!

so it was exactly a year ago (this past monday) that i was baptized! ive been a christian since i was, well, the usual age, 5, but i never realized the importance of it. ok, actually i really DID know how important it was. my dad probably told me once a month how important it was. he always said "getting baptized is being obedient to God." well i certainly didnt want to be disobedient. i remember thinking..."oh goodness, im disobeying God...oh no, thats a bad thing." i guess i was just scared. all my friends had already been baptized, so right then i thought, its over, theyve already done it, i can never do it. and i also remember thinking about asking one of my close friends if they would do it again with me so i wouldnt be alone, i know, how pathetic:)...and i didnt want to get up and answer the questions that harry asked in front of the whole church. what if i accidently said the wrong age of when i was saved, or what if i forgot my name...stage fright. anyways, i was always thinking of how i really needed to do it, but never did, just because, i dont know, i didnt really care...God knows my heart, that kind of thing. everyone says said that. so february 11, 2007 in big church...towards the end harry said "some people are already getting baptized today, but if anybody would like to just come on the spot, we have extra clothes..." (this wasnt word for word, he probably used a much smarter language. pastoral language, if you will). well, immediately i felt the conviction of God telling me i needed to go. this was the first time ive ever heard God speak to me. so i got up more quicker than ever and made my way down the isle and off to one of the side doors. my hands were a bit shaky. i just wanted to cry, im not really sure why. so i cannonballed into the water. i never understood that baptism meant, you were now alive with Christ, well i did, but i really felt like a new person when i came out of the water. man, all those wasted years...i was dead with Christ? no jk. i cant tell you how glad i am that i waited til i could really understand what was happening. i think doing it at a younger age wouldnt have been as special/important. so...i left that day at church with wet panties.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

things i want to do before i see Jesus...

visit 10 national parks, yosemite included, camping along the way.

go to ireland.

spend the entire day talking in a british accent.

of course do mission work in africa.

get a kids book published.

swim with dolphins.

spend the night in the mall.

learn a little swahili.

be a teacher,

watch "the godfather"

go to a u.s. open tennis match.

be in a triathalon.

go to the mall barefoot.

surf in hawaii.

take a nap in a furniture store.

own a dog with a funny name.

start a fire with only sticks.

ice skate when its snowing.

play soccer in brazil.

pull a fire alarm.

learn more songs on my mandolin:)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Jesus is my Valentine.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

thoughts about our city.

yester-night me and rachel went to this place where you could see the whole city of birmingham. it was in a neighborhood ( im sure the people didnt mind). when we got to the top of the cliff, we sat on this brick wall that overlooked birmingham. the view was amazing. we tried to make it before the sun set, but we were too late. we'll go some other time. so we sat and just looked. we looked at the skyline and all its beauty wondering how God made it so perfect, we saw factories with smoke coming out the top, we stared at the little cluster of the downtown buildings. we talked about how many people there were. we couldnt help but wonder what all these people were living for. we tried to come up with something we would live for if we didnt have Jesus. well...we were speechless. we talked about atheism and wondered why people dont believe there is a God and wondered what goes on in their head when they watch a could they not know someone, with intelligent design, created that. we talked about how people live and all the sin that is in our daily lives. we had a deep hurt for birmingham. before we left we prayed for our city. it needs prayer. it also needs a generation that is CRAZY in love with Jesus so these people can know that there in fact IS something to live for. we are such depraved people. we dont deserve anything but death. but our loving Savior put all our sin right upon his back. he loves us so much. God couldve lived anywhere in the entire universe, but he chose to live in our stony stubborn selfish hearts. this is our God. he is mighty to save all the people in birmingham. he is the God of this city. and all the other cities.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

coach kirk...i dont hate it...

so i just received the greatest news!!!!! coach hill/ron swan has asked me to COACH the junior high volleyball team at shades mountain! i know! im in shock. this could change everything! ...where i attend school...well i guess just where ill go to school...but this is amazing! im so excited to see where God is going to take me. its an adventure...its like an adventure with a blindfold on. and i was telling rachel the other day that ive been having second thougts about going to tennessee. so this could be God saying i need to stay stoked! i feel like God just spoke to me, i LOVE it!

well, gotta go to class, more updates to come. woot woot!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bye bye bob.

welp...bobs im not gonna have anything to talk at a loss of words...too bad he didnt accidentially leave his shampoo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


sometimes i wish i had a moustache. if i could have one, i would imagine it would look somewhat like this.
although i like this look too. maybe i could spike it on occasion...

Monday, February 4, 2008

she needs jesus.

im taking a psychology class at jeff state and my teacher, mrs stork, is actually a psycho. and im not just saying this, she is. and she thinks we'll know everything after reading the first chapter. she'll ask us questions and give us this, dont you know what im talking about?!?!?!?! (the look on her face is priceless.) well, we actually have no idea, hence why we're taking this we can be taught...

she reminds me of the lady on Total Recall (with arnold schwartzineggar) at the end...where that lady starts having coniptions or something but its actually the bad guy in a womans body...ya know? well i think that if someone peeled off the outer layer of her forehead they would find this metal, machine-working, robot thing. i know, thats weird, but she is just so abnormal. im not judging her. im just telling you about her. pray for mrs stork.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

sulfate-free shampoo

this morning i woke up to attend church and i was about to get in the shower. well, low and behold Bob (ya know, the one me and my family are having a slumber party with) decided he wanted to get in the shower too. so i was about to close the bathroom door when i saw him standing in the hall...and i said..."oh!! were you about to get in?" he said, "yes but its ok." and i said, "oh no you can go first!!!" so then he said..."well ok, thanks." yeah. ironic. i know. nuff said. so anyways, approximately 20 minutes later, i got in the shower and reached for the shampoo, well, to find out that it was empty. RATS! so i looked around and i stumbled upon BOBS was my only hope. bobs "mens" shampoo bottle reads "sulfate-free shampoo", i remember i really about to use this? i did. surprisingly, my hair did better than it normally does. yeah. weird. i dont know what to think of that.

so the moral of this story? well, maybe mens shampoo isnt just for men...