Monday, March 30, 2009

kids say the darnest things.

i try and seek adventure in everything i do. when i worked at doe river, this is one of the four things we go over with the kids the second day of camp. the first being, choose joy, the second, guard yourself and others, third, love your nieghbor, and fourth, seek adventure. anyways, i am always thinking of ways to seek adventure...saturday, i was driving with three kids in the car, and i thought it would be fun if we listened to disney songs loud, i put on the song from tarzan 'you'll be in my heart...' and rolled down the windows, i was listening to the kids sing when i heard 'beauty in my heart...' i started laughing. this little voice was coming from a 7 year old, she was singing so loud and beautiful. i just soaked it up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rambling rose.

when i was little i wanted to be a policeman bc i could run fast.

i will be at home all of next week. aka spring break bebeh! i am so excited.

the book 'the shack' is amazing. it puts things in a different perspective.

i am listening to nat king cole.

i really like chips and salsa.

and curtis take home cheff.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a brown compass.

yesterday i saw a man with a cane walking on a dirt road. he was wearing suspenders. aka we became best friends.

i wonder what he was thinking about. maybe he was thinking what a beautiful city toronto is. and how he wishes he could be there. but maybe he is afraid of planes. and maybe he gets car sick. i wonder if he was pretending to be back in time. he was probably pretending to be a dinosaur. they used to be alive. maybe he was reminiscing. he used to be an author of 16 novels. and he used his cane to sign autographs. yes. or he was probably thinking of getting a mole removed. maybe all 12 of them. or maybe what book he should read next. or what he will be for halloween next year. the possibilities are endless.

i liked him.

Monday, March 16, 2009

ribbons and lassos.

my two best friends came down and spent the weekend with me. we went to panama city saturday. and it rained. and we went to destin sunday. and it rained. but being in their company was delightful. we had some pretty extraordinary memories that i will never forget.

i want a dog so bad.

i spent an hour in the dothan library last thursday. i was ready to check out three books. when i got to the front desk the lady informed me that you have to live in dothan to be able to check out books. i threw my books in her face and screamed. at least i wanted to.

i asked a little girl the other day why she thinks we dream…she said ‘so we can have fun stories to share with our friends the next day.’

my team in basketball won the championship game. aka we are the champs. my black coach was so proud of me. our team name was chocolate thunder. heh heh.

i hate grape jelly beans. they taste like tylenol.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

0+ = someone got my lucky blood.

i gave blood today. for a really good cause. aka the insane man who took 12 innocent lives. i guess a lot were injured and needed blood. the blood drive was held at a church near the small town, samson. the preacher was very thankful for all of us who came. and there were a lot. aka we waited 3 hours in the scourching sun. after we gave blood my friend was so light headed when she talked it didnt make any sense. me and my other friend were laughing extremely hard. i said, 'my arm is twitching...' she replied, 'put some ice cream on it.' (we got ice cream from chick-fa-let.) i was nearly in tears from laughing at all the funny nonsense she was saying. lets just say i drove us home in her car.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

texas=quail hunting.

as most of you know my intramural basketball coach is black. he is so funny. im the only girl on the team and last night he told me i 'was one of them.' my life is complete.

i desparately want fresh food. vegitables. fruit.

i made a 96 on my old testament mid-term. i had to go 'back in time' as one my friends put it.

today was a very beautiful day. weather-wise.

my laundary is almost done. mmm.

i bought hippy stationary today. now i just need stamps.

the people in the room next to me are yelling. its not funny.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

earl grey.

the other day i was out for a drive when i saw this dirt road in the distance. i decided to take it. on this dirt road i found a gynormous field that seemed to never end. and a lake. and a very cool bridge. i got out of my car to take a picture. i bent down and put my hands on the barb wire fence only to find it was an electric fence. i didnt notice. it wasnt a regular one either. the voltage made me jump in shock and fall over. as i was sitting, i started laughing. most fences arent that powerful, i mean, they just give ya a little shock. not this one. it zapped me.

i went to the beach yesterday. the ocean has a way of warming the cockles of my heart. it was relaxing. and sunny. and beautiful. the water was about 3 degrees. aka i didnt swim.

daylight savings time. i love it. for many reasons. one is that i can play outside til 7:30. i have fond memories of doing so.

i think i ate two oranges everyday this week. mmm.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

free willy had rollerblades.

last night i took benadryl. an hour later i was in a different world.

i bought some cereal at target. cashew apricot granola. soooo good.

i went to the 'graceville library' yesterday. it is the smallest public library i have ever seen. i went with a bad attitude bc i knew they wouldnt have the two books i was looking for. they did. and the old lady at the desk gave me a bookmark. it has a teddy bear on it and says 'a good book is a good friend.'

saturday im going to the beach. it is supposed to be 75 degrees. holla.

im currently dusting off my spy gear. got a mission.

me and my friend are baking our math teacher a cherry pie. aka he loves us. aka we love him. aka thats his favorite pie.

70 days til summer.

i put some pocahontas on my ipod today. its been a good day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a few thoughts out of so many.

holiness is hard. i knew it would be but there are a lot of things i need to be working on. controlling my tongue. thoughts. emotions. temptations. reactions. i am learning so much. and i am growing. my relationship with the lord is where it should be...he is my best friend. he is my hiding place, refuge. he is my savior. i spend a lot of my time with him. he is teaching me so much, and i praise him. holiness is something that will take a long time, and i will never reach it fully. it is something i will always struggle with. the Holy Spirit and satan are at constant war. they are constantly fighting over me. we already won. Jesus took the wheel. victory.