Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pro chicken...anti wing.

confession. i hate wings. i hate them.

last night in the cafeteria they were serving all kinds of chicken wings. well 'teriyaki' was one of them. now, i already knew i didnt like them, but i thought i would give them a second chance. im not gonna lie, they looked really good. so i got them...and they were really good. it had a good taste to it, but in the process of eating them, i got teriyaki sauce all over my face, i dropped one and it literally rolled all the way down my new jacket and onto the floor, and in the end, i was still hungry. so obviously i regreted giving them a second chance. eating them is pointless...POINTLESS!

now, i will admit they do taste good, but they are so stupid. you work SO hard to get SO little meat. that is why they are pointless. in fact, im gonna make a list of how dumb they are:

1. they are extremely messy.
2. you use up about 50 napkins in the process.
3. you only get so much meat.
4. you are hungry in the end.
5. and who looks good while eating these things? no one. its very unattractive.

so there. there you have it. hate me if you will. in my opinion, they are the worst idea ever.


here are some pictures from last night:

me and mustard. i hate mustard.

Peter Pan sewing down his shadow...

Sarah Palin and McCain came!!!

The Joker and his accomplices.

"Gang Green..." haha get it?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a post of good news.

my school through a halloween party. except we called it 'incognito.' so guess what i was? i was an old school aerobics teacher. it was great. starting from the top i wore a teazed sidepony tail, along with teazed bangs, a scrunchy, and a bright pink sweat band. next i wore my bathing suit (serving as the leotard), a purple sweat shirt with the neck, sleeves, and bottom cut off, a rainbow sweatband on my wrist, weirdly colored tights, bright green shorts, leg warmers, and my blue converse. complete with "sky blue" eyeshadow and glitter.

i found out out something new today...that left-handed people dont live as long as right-handed people do. this topic came up in worldview (random, i know) for some reason. so i raised my hand and said, "well im becoming hows it looking for me..." my teacher said, "well then your immortal!" YES! i win.

it really is feeling like fall. i cant even begin to explain how happy my heart is. me and my friend had to 'get away' yesterday and we went to barnes and noble and got chai tea lattes. mmm. my favorite. it was my third for this season. i knew it was fall when the wind blew really hard and i was holding my latte with both hands close to my face. like on elf when he drinks his coffee with liquor in it...and he says, "mmmmm, i love syrup." i love that movie. i just want to hang out with him. actually, while we are on the subject of coffee and hanging out with cool people...ive always wanted to hang out with morgan freeman. he seems like the perfect person to 'get coffee with and just talk.' i dont know what we would talk about...maybe time travel...or all the different colors in a crayon box...maybe the best chili recipe...or favorite poems and books...anyways he seems like a good peep.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Alphabet Soupe Store.

i went home this weekend. it was pleasant. me, kristin riley, rachel jones, and meredith derosa had this incredible idea to have this 'alphabet store' and sell something of each letter. we would only have ONE thing for each letter.

like this:

A- armoire.
B- baguette.
C- uh...i never wrote C down.
D- dingleberry.
E- eeps peeps.
F- faggot.
G- gargoyle.
H- hysterectomy.
I- iggy pop.
J- jinosaur.
K- kickstand.
L- linoleum.
M- myrrh.
N- niglet.
O- oil spill.
P- peg leg.
Q- quick sand.
R- rat egg.
S- stark raving lunatic.
T- toothfairy.
U- umbilical cord.
V- victoria's secret.
W- wiseman.
X- x-ray.
Y- yodel.
Z- zickerman's famous pig!

we figured that these are some pretty good things, so they're probably gonna sell out, so we thought we would have lots of stores everywhere, each store containing different things.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


home. warm. casseroles. barefoot. blankets. fall. paper airplanes. sunsets. rocking chairs. back porch. coffee. fellowship. conversation. john freeman. black. racism. bad. mushrooms. poison. snakes. lizards. shoots. ladders. construction. hard hats. butt cracks. plumbers. butt cracks. mullets. rednecks. joe dirt. worms. fishing. boats. pirates. argh. patch. patch eye peyton. peg leg. beards. possibilities. macaroni and cheese. milk. the grefsengs. fun. adventures. daring. batman.

thats all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my insides are of whiz.

im eating wheat thins and cheese whiz. aka im living in a CHEESE WHIZ WORLD! life is good.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

falling waters state park.

we had a day at the park. it was an adventure indeed.

these are my friends. sierra, my roommate, is on the left. the other is becca.

we ate lots of goldfish. mmm.

we had lots of fun jumping off the swings. although, we could never immitate this picture again. its pretty weird and awkward.

i thought this was a cool picture.

we sold some stuff. " a few baseball cards, sack of marbles...aha peedie..." (dumb and dumber)

i spit on becca. it was really funny.

butts out! these are our best sides.

trail blazers....hey, that reminds me of a song...'saddle up your horses...we got a trail to blaze...waa-ooo-ooo.'

we had a lot of fun. and then later we played cards on the dock at the lake and 'star gazed.' a day to remember.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

carbonation, tents, and...

ok so, i never drink sodas. i dont really ever crave them either. however, every once in a while i'll have one, kind of like to reward myself for not having them. when i have one, it tastes sooooo good.

i am having one now. it feels like a special occasion. its a mr. pibb. XTRA! it was 60 cents. pretty well worth it ide say. mmm.

on a different note, me and some friends are going camping this weekend. in tents. i cant wait, i love camping. i cant resist that 'tent' smell. and the fire smell. and the old sleeping bag smell. aaauuugghhh. the great outdoors.

my ambidextrious hand is writing better and better everyday. thanks for asking.

i think i aced my earth science test this morning. (fingers crossed)

theres this song, its been stuck in my head all day, you may have heard of it...johnny cash...ring of fire...? can i get a witness?

i have to go tend to my garden. im growing skittles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a rude interruption.

well im currently in the library studying. (which contradicts my previous post, ya know, the one titled "whos uses the library to study anyways?") well, i have been quietly studying, with out any distractions, or anybody else around, for approximately 2 hours. all of a sudden, out of the blue, this huge black man sits down a few tables across from me. he actually looks like Kevin from the office. he has that 'mmm hmm' look on his face. let me clarify something, i am not racist. ok, good, shew, glad i got that off my chest. he got out a candy bar which goes against the sign directly above him reading: "Notice: please. no candy bars are allowed in the library...upon any circumstances." just kidding, although i WISH there was a sign that said that, bc him+loud candy wrapper sound+smacking does NOT go well with my studies. he ended his candy bar excursion with the licking of all his fingers. soon after he noticed all of his fingers were squeaky clean, he then topped his delicious meal off with a piece of orbit chewing gum. (which led to non-stop smacking......aka this is the current update of my life right now...) Jesus take the wheel.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a whale of a tale.

today i sailed the seven seas. for transportation i used a kayak. but im back, because my arms got tired. to be honest...i didnt get very far. on my short adventure, i met a whale named agadale, and two sharks named monkey, and shark. and that was only a taste of my short expedition. there were a potpourri of other adventures.

me and my friends went to the beach today, we took kayaks. it was a tale to tell indeed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

maybe i could be a volcanoe.

its october! yay! its been october for a while but im still excited. its that time of year where we get to dress up and eat lots of candy...mmm.

candy corn is one of my favorite foods.

i still dont know what i want to be for halloween. i was thinking i would be link again but im just not sure. maybe i could be a doubt. i love zelda. and video games.

maybe i could be a funk beat. or a memory from an old playground. or a meatless diet. or an indian. that sounds fun. speaking of indians, last night me and my friend went to dicks and bought a blow gun. with fake darts. the directions say not to use the gun for shooting people. weve been shooting people. it also says to have adult supervision.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rain and aliens.

today is rainy. i love these days every once in a while.

i feel trapped in the library.

its monsuming and i think the building is about to collapse.

i am wearing my rainboots. its a good thing. or else my feet would be very very wet.

i think i might go for a bike ride later. riding in puddles is a fun experience. it makes me feel care free. me and my friend did it a few weeks ago, i think i blogged about it, well it was very exciting. and we got wet.

on a completely different note, me and my friend started this secret note thing in the library, its where we write notes and leave them in this book titled UFO'S Interplanetary Visitors.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

who uses the library to study anyway...

today i played hide and go seek in the library. it was so fun. i love those times when you know you have to be quiet yet those are the times everything is so hilarious. i always get the giggles when i HAVE to be quiet. i love those moments. to me, its simplicity that makes life fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

arguments in fall.

what happened to the glorious fall weather??? i dont know why it left. its weird to think about...two of the greatest seasons are fall and spring, and they're the ones that dont last for very long. it seems like fall gets here and then shortly after, its already time for winter! and winter always seems to linger on, and then spring arrives gets here, and then its already time for summer!

here is some commentary:

fall: yay! im the greatest season! im here im here!

winter: please, you wouldnt last a day in this seasonal rotation. get out of here!

winter: its going to be a loooooong cooooool dryyyyy winter. heh heh.

spring: hey its my turn!!! i want a turn!!! let me in let me in!

winter: not yet! im going to start a blizard in march! ha!

spring: but that'll only give me...1,2,3,4...59 days! ugh. i hate you.

summer: moooooove over! its summertime!

thats really how it is. i love fall and spring. but they only last so long.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


this weekend was fun. and very eventful.

friday i came home and me and brittany moore went to the southern womens show and tasted free samples of ver yummy things. after that we went to a local band gig. haha i just said gig. it was the 'great book of john.' theyre really good. and saturday we went to the 'bluff park art show.' we do it every year. i love it. i love to look at peoples paintings.

i like to stay busy.

also i got swoopy bangs!!!!! i know i know. i am enjoying them so far.

i need to do homework now. i procrastinate. kbye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i have something else to say...

i am positive ducks only eat bread. thats why people are always feeding them. these ducks next to me are vegitarian. they are eating grass. maybe they eat insects? no...most of the time they are in the no...they dont eat fish. poop? .....its a possibility. ok maybe not.

just bread. im bound to think they just eat bread.


its the 3rd most perfect day of the year. i love this. it makes me want to do lots of things:

ride my bike.

sit by a lake (like im doing now).

read a book with my room window open.

eat an apple under a big tree.

play ultimate frisbee.

listen to ray lamontagne.

and other various artists.

write in my journal.

wear a dress.

go to the beach.

drive with my windows down.

be barefoot all day.

i wish i could say i did all of these. however i did do MOST of these...

these things listed warm the cockles of my heart. they give me a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and contentment.

the day after yesterday.

me and some friends have been playing scrabble. i played the most intense scrabble game of my life last night. i loved it. last week, me and this girl got so into it and she ended up winning by only a few points. well, sadly to say, last night, she beat me by a point. a POINT!!! i was so disapointed. the sad part is i was head the WHOLE a lot of points. :(

we are about to watch pocahontas. my favorite character of all time. if i were any disney character, i would be her.

amore: that means love in italy.

i did a 'how to' speech today on CPR. i used my friend stephanie. it was funny.

i really like the color purple. im wearing a very purply dress right now. w black leggins. and a black long sleeve shirt.

today i ate an orange and it reminded me of this summer. they say smell is the most powerful sent that makes you think of memories. me and my friend were eating lunch, it was just after we had been tubing down the river, (every time you get out of the river you smell really bad) well, our watches stunk so bad, so we rubbed the orange on our watches and it smelt so good for the rest of the day. i did that today and it made me miss doe river.

im blogging.

there is this road near my school and it has a huge hill, and if you go really fast it feels like a rollercoaster. seriously. every time i go over it i think my car is going to fly off into space. like, wings are suddenly going to appear on the sides of my car.

im still unsure about swoopy bangs.

oh i painted that canvas i blogged about earlier. i painted grass. with two different color greens. it looks very very cool.

'if i were a painter, i would paint my memories.' -norah jones.

we are learnng about earthquakes in earth science. i find earthquakes fascinating. God is so cool.

its 11:48. 12 minutes til the middle of the night. im pooped.

every time i blog, the time that says when i posted my blog is always wrong. i dont know why.