Friday, November 28, 2008

cotton socks.

a dear friend of mine asked me the other day what my favorite christmas song was. i tried to give a quick answer but nothing came to mind. not one song popped in my head that I would label my favorite.

and i puzzled and puzzled til my puzzler was sore. (grinch)

i couldn’t come up with ANYthing. I like them all.

Well, of course im always listening to christmas music on the radio, duh, and ive been paying close attention to all of the songs, trying to come up with one that could possibly be titled my favorite.

…well, im hear to tell you that I still cant come up with one. However since I cant give you ONE, here are a few of my favorites…

Do you hear what I hear? - whitney Houston

Rockin around the Christmas tree - brenda lee

it’s the most wonderful time of the year – bing crosby

it’s the holiday season - ?

jingle bell rock – bobby helms

have a holly jolly Christmas – burl ives

its time to start saying merry christmas bc its nearly here. ive already watched elf, the grinch (fake and real), home alone, and a Christmas story. Christmas movies/music warm my heart. and bless my soul.

on that note. merry christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

silver tuna.

i always forget how hilarious Home Alone is. that movie is comedy if ive ever seen it. me and some friends that watched it made cookies and hot chocolate and apple cider. and we drank milk. when i get the cookies fresh out of the oven i always want to pour the milk on them. kind of like sprinkles. i feel like it would make it so much better.

i went rock climbing today. i feel so strong. i climbed over 4 big boulders. my hands were a bit shaky.

i got my hair cut. i decided a day before i got it done. i knew if i didnt get it right away, i would change my mind. so its all gone.

orange juice hates picky people.

its currently thanksgiving. according to my clock. 12:20 happy thanksgiving.

i talked to my friend in Ukraine. i know. how incredibly awesome. Skype. get it.

i was playing with some of my favorite kids the other day and i was giving the boy, Josiah (who is autistic) a piggy back ride, and he was eating a sucker and he said, 'ya know what, peyton? this sucker is sooo yummy. just like you.' i laughed.

a whole bunch of us have been playing volleyball in the gym late at night. we always laugh so hard.

grandmas cookin tomorrow. mmm. i can almost taste it now. im thankful for her. not bc of her cooking, but bc of who she is. she is a very cool person. she cares so much about family, and more importantly, God. ive never seen someone with such a heart for the Lord as her. i can only hope to be a grandma like her someday. and my mom. both of them put together.

happy thanksgiving. aka happy grandma day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

me and my dad are currently watching animal planet…the title of the show is called whale wars…

the japanese go out and kill whales for, i guess, by-products and such. some ‘american whale lovers’ don’t like it, so they go out and try and stop the japanese from killing the whales. they are throwing stink bombs on the japanese ship. stink bombs. on the stink bombs they wrote things like ‘whales!’ and ‘we like whales!’

im so confused. why cant they just make whale killing illegal. this seems so stupid. if they really want to stop them then why don’t they just kill them.

the americans ships name is ‘steve erwin.’

and the american ship can talk to the japanese ship…but the americans are, of course, talking in english…um, don’t people from japan speak in japanese…oh wait, nevermind, they have this japanese translation book.

also, another way of ‘stopping’ the japanese from killing whales is they throw this ‘propellar choke line’ floating ball in front of the ship hoping that the ball will get caught in the propeller and slow them down.

unfortunately, they missed the first time.

um i hate this show.

on a different drinking wassail.

Friday, November 21, 2008


im home for thanksgiving. it feels so good. i have all of next week off. aka everyday of next week. monday-friday. augh. and my break has only just begun. so what shall i do on my break you might ask? well...the world only knows. im most likely gonna have some really fun adventures. in the cold. maybe have good conversation at starbucks, run the hidden pine trails of the forest, watch a good movie, time travel, use my imagination with my favorite kids in the whole wide world, get lost in the wilderness, paint something, hop a train, eat lots of sushi, duh, make a craft, the possibilities are endless. im just glad all these things are waiting on me. happy everything.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the cirlce of life.

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]

Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]


Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [A lion and a leopard come to this open place]

well i do love this song. it blesses my heart. top 5. to be honest, it has never crossed my mind to look up the lyrics to this. as much as i love it you would think i would have it down. however, when me and my brother used to sing it, we pretty much said it right. i mean, reading it, well, thats how we pronounced it. we apparently have good ears.

ive been coloring lately. i colored a picture today. it was of a fairy. i colored her hair the color of 'razzmatazz.' yeah. i know.

my friend went to Tennessee this past weekend. she brought me back a red leaf. we're pretty much best friends now.

tonight BCF had a talent show. me and my friend lip-sung 'bohemian rhapsody' by queen. needless to say, we came in third. im sure someone took a video and maybe i can get it on here.

i have the whole week off next week. happy thanksgiving. duh.

Monday, November 17, 2008

dragon warrior.

i watched Kung Fu Panda last night...hilarious. i laughed the entire movie.

theres this girl named sam at my school. she has extremely cute curly black hair. well today at lunch i named one of her curls after me. aka peyton. it was a really curly one.

i might paint today. i havent really decided what though. i painted two pictures for two of my friends in TN a few weeks ago.

its cold today. im wearing a striped cardigan sweater. duh.

im still really glad that christmas music is on the radio.

im sitting in my dorm room and i have the window opened and some guy just drove by and we made eye contact. awkward.

im excited its nearly thanksgiving break. and soon after break. ptl.

my heart is on the ocean.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

life is good.

so. so. so. i am watching Hook. one of my all time favorite movies. it is the movie of my life.

also. while i am watching Hook, im making moccasins. homemade indian moccasin shoes. is there anything better? (i am a real indian.)

ide say its been a good night.

Friday, November 14, 2008

step up 2: king of thieves.

i found something i love. i hung christmas lights in my dorm room. theyre not those regular lights, theyre the big round 'satin' lights. i hung them, turned out the ceiling light and felt like i was in a new world. merry christmas.

i want a good book to read. i actually hate reading but for some reason ive been wanting to read a good book. i want an adventurous book. like maybe something that has to do with traveling. traveling is good. and adventurous.

i really like bubble gum. the possibilities are endless.

when i was little i had this stuffed animal and i named it sister mary clarence.

so apparently spiders arent afraid of heights. really. think about it.

its friday and i have no homework. go ahead, congratulate me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

fun things.

good news. i made a 97 on my extremely hard geometry project.

and i made a 77 on my philosophy christian worldview test. (thats also good news).

tomorrow is 'preview day' at school. everyone is cleaning like their life depends on it. im blogging. aka not cleaning bc our room is always clean. lucky for us.

i bought apples the other day. im eating one now and it is soggy and i think i might throw up. soggy apples are so stupid.

ive been playing the game catch phrase a lot. theres a group of us that plays quite often. a 'phrase' that i came across was 'ballistic missile.' am i supposed to explain THAT. i thought it was a funny one. and im gonna start using it in a sentence.

theres this 'drive through convenience store' right down the road. me and my friend went and got boiled peanuts the other night. fabulous.

we put a christmas tree up in the day room. it has a blinking star on top of it. its probably the north star.

i really like the movie 'the ringer.' i know i know. but theres something about that movie that really makes me laugh.

there is this guy named will at school. he is handicapped and he is always listening to music. i always want to know what he is listening to. last night he told me he could freestyle rap so i beat-boxed for him and he tore it up. i never wouldve thought...

Monday, November 10, 2008

new favorites.

i feel like a new person. listen. i have a very new taste in music. well, its not really new, but ive put a lot of new songs on my ipod. so im listening to new music a lot more.

joanna newsom.

wild sweet orange.

jon foreman.

gillian welch.

a fine frenzy.

brooke wagner.

kim taylor.

david rawling.

yael naim.


devendra banhart.

imogen heap.

these are all new people. sort of.

guess what?! ive been playing my harmonica a lot. i carry it with me everywhere.

Friday, November 7, 2008

live news.

halloween was fun. i wish i could dress up as something everyday.

'peyton' is latin and it means 'village warrior.'

we lost our frisbee game yesterday.

me and some friends played catch phrase til 3:00 am this morning.

i watched 'cool runnings' the night before last. i love it so much.

me and sierra are getting a fish for our room.

im wearing mens golf pants.

im very excited that christmas music is on the radio.

i had a geometry project due this morning and we were supossed to decorate it. i decorated mine with feather. after i finished last night i made an indian hat.

theres a turtle named herman that lives in our dayroom. its a baby and he lives in a tank.

i played 'hang on sloopy' by the mccoys last night on a jukebox. it cost a quarter. ide say it was well worth it.

im getting a bike for christmas.

i put some new songs on my ipod. 'leavin' by jesse mccartney is one of them. that song makes me dance. it gets in my bones.

i cleaned out my room last weekend. i feel like a new person. i have about 7 empty drawers. but i have that feeling like i lost something, i threw away so much. some of it was junk and needed to be thrown away but other stuff i had a hard time letting go. but i knew i had to. sniff sniff.

im babysitting tonight and tomorrow night. i cant tell you the last time i babysat. im excited.

gillian welch and joanna newsom and david rawling.