Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vestavia Hills Municipal Court

So, remember me telling you about my little ticket incident...on my birthday? Well, im NOT GUILTY!!! Hurray! PTL!

My court date was today and luckily my dad did some landscaping on the judges house, so he knows him very well, and he totally found favor with me. We went up in front of all the other people and talked to him, it was kind of scary.

If my dad didnt know the judge i probably wouldve had to have done 6 hours of community service and taken a driving class to get the ticket off my record. shew! And my dad also told him that i was going to work at a camp, that doesnt pay, all summer, and he was like "thats great, boy thats a lot of community service, ha."

Im so happy, I didnt even have to pay the court fee!!!!!!! PTL.