Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the arcade fire "wake up." listen to it.

where the wild things are. hurry up.

apricots are made out of live apes.

i made a cake today. with blue food coloring. aka a blue cake. with funfetti. and sprinkles. it was for a class. noah websters birthday is friday.

i think i saw the great gatspy today. i was watching an old movie but is that even a movie? it was black and white.

i cant wait to carve my pumpkin. i dont even have a pumpkin yet.

i am debating about getting twitter. i dont need it. neither does everyone else.

billy jean is not my lover.


Ann Marie said...

o PLEEEEase get a twitter! you would have the best tweets ever!
o #2 good luck on your games this weekend! sorry again we cant make on us