Wednesday, November 18, 2009

they gonna wash away. they gonna wash away.

i always feel really sad when i see live chickens that are being shipped somewhere else. i drove by some the other night and they were on a truck as big as an eighteen wheeler in cages. i just felt sorry for them. although they might enjoy it. they probably think its adventurous. i wonder if they are trying to figure out where theyre going.

i have been celebrating christmas a lot. and drinking coffee late at night.

the weather today is splendid.

my friend mackenzie got me a goldfish. el luchador died last week. i will post his eulogy on here soon. she brought me a very tiny goldfish. i named him el pez dorado. the gold digger.

i finished a book. it was the greatest book ever read. i wanted to run away and search for adventure when i finished. i nearly did. “I was feeling wonderful. It seemed that the wind in my fur and the wild sea beneath me existed solely to transport me into a world of adventure. Could anything be more exciting than a journey into the unknown, a voyage of discovery across the great, wide ocean?”

i am back in the ambidextrious business.

i do love beards.


Emotional Abuse said...

They don't only do this to chickens but to parrots and other living things as well.
It makes me want to get my own
livestock animals so I can know what has happened to them and how they were put to death before I have them.