Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roll on, America. Roll on.

I have really been wanting to ride one of these. So much so that my heart itches. Whatever that means. Actually I know what it means. I just made it up.

If I could ride any one it would be Kracken, which rests at Seaworld. (Its not like a real Krackin although that would be exhilarating too.) One of the best places on earth. Not bc of the roller coaster, but bc of the animals who have given their life dreams up to be there. For the people. Or maybe it wasnt them that decided. Their kismet lied in someone elses hands. Blast. Or maybe it was their decision. Ide like to think so. Ide like to think so.

I feel restless looking at this picture. Grrreat...Itchy heart.