Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello, this isnt really a happy happy post.

I havent felt like blogging. At all. As a matter of fact Im forcing myself write now. See what I did there. I let this happen every time. I go two weeks sometimes more without blogging and it feels like years. Hi. Im Peyton. I like words and and adventures and old things. Like this old picture:

Its Halloween. I didnt dress up as anything. I even had grand ideas I just didnt have time. I also didnt have the spirit. Which is unusual. Sometimes all I wanna do is dress up. I like being someone else or something else.

I still have a list of Autumn crafts I need to make. I am so behind. Im inspired, and also uninterested. I do love this season.

I cant ever remember the plot of past books Ive read. I dont really mind. I only remember how it made me feel. Which matters. I have a good list of books I am gonna read soon. My heart is in full-swing.