Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have a friend who sent me a box of Kumquats. Her name is Laura-Leigh. Since the day she sent them I have eaten a handful everyday. They are like reversed Oranges. Sweet on the outside sour on the inside. The word derived from the Cantonese and they referred to them as Gam Gwats. When I say that version it makes me feel retarded. In Vietnam they use the plant as a decoration. Stupids. In the Philippines they make hot and iced tea with them. In America, I dont know what we do in America. I just eat them. I dont like to eat them around people. Except for my cousin. Bc sometimes I make a weird sour face. I cant help it. Im running low. Ive rationed them out for the next few days. Ive never bought Kumquats before. Apparently they are at their best in March and April. Its gonna be thrilling. I think I might start carrying some around in my purse. Mainly for the fact that when I look through my purse, there will be Kumquats everywhere. And I can offer them to people. And see their sour face. They wont know. Unless they read this. Kumquats kumaquats lumquats sqaquas unkwas. Thats me trying to say Kumquats as fast as I can five times in a row. Go on, try it.


Laura-Leigh said...

I will send you some more. I just have to find the right box.