Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birds and Words.

I used to find singing birds in the middle of the night annoying. I don't mind so much anymore. I just wonder what they're singing about. Plans for tomorrow? What to name their babies? How they are hungry and need a late night snack? Summer plans? New home? American Idol? They probably can't see really well since it's nighttime. But maybe they can. Maybe they have night vision goggles. I don't know how a bird's eye works. I know how a bulls-eye works. Heh heh. It's kind of like our spiritual walk. That we should sing in the darkness. Like trust. Or having peace because God's in control of every little thing. My present circumstance may seem dark. But it's not to Christ. Darkness and light are the same to Him.

So their notes are comforting to me. In the middle of the night. Because they remind me of Christ. He is light. Always. Now. and Forever.