Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Why is it so easy to sit around and feel sorry for myself? I will literally sit around and think about what I don’t have. I will dwell on things that I don’t have. And then I will make a plan to get what I don’t have.

I mean I have a list in my phone of some things that I want. I’m as selfish as they come.

Why is it so hard to be grateful for everything? I THINK that I am. But really, I could be a little more grateful.

I have an ache in my heart. I don’t want to need anything. I have everything. I have everything to live a very appreciative life. I have everything I need to wake up every morning feeling grateful.

I waste so much time being selfish and thinking of my future. I should probably just wake up and live. Work hard at my current purpose and take each day as it comes. Accept each day with a grateful heart. I am living a life many would like to have. And it’s embarrassing to say that I think they are more thankful for the little they have than the many much I have.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder! Miss your heart.