Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i just need to be still.

i find it really frustrating when im trying to have a 2 way conversation with God but it feels as if only im talking. im in a season of life where i think i know whats best for me and i think i know what God wants for me, but its probably totally opposite of what He really wants. this is so selfish. i feel like ive prayed for the same thing over and over, i bet Hes tired of hearing it. God has given me the desire to move to Tennessee and go to East Tennesse State, mainly bc of the people ive met from camp, but its going to cost...well...a lot...Jeff State is stupid, and im so ready to transfer, i feel like ive wasted money, mostly bc ive had to take math 1000 times, and then some. the brochure should read on the front, "if you love smoking, drinking, and cussing...then come on in! youve come to the right place!" no jk...jeff state needs more people that love Jesus. i love being around unsaved people, but at the same time i hate it. and then working with the same people at jcrew doesnt make it any better. thats the other thing that ive been talking to God about. so im currently waiting for a few responses...oh wait, i think i heard something.....sovereign. thats propbably the answer to both for right now... He is in total control. i love it when God speaks to me, so im very excited about it! my trust is placed in my Savior. He knows whats best:)