Wednesday, January 30, 2008


so my mom walks in the other day and says that my aunt called. she lives in pensacola. shes my dads sister. i dont know her very well. she has some friends, the wife of which is very sick. so they have to come here to take a little visit to the UAB hospital. well they dont really have a place to stay, so i guess my aunt remembered where we live and she put two and two together...yes, she volunteered our house, so the husband will have a place to stay. well this was all very shocking to my mother, ya know, she being the one who cleans and tidies up the house. she likes to put the dust away for the guests. anyways, me and mom were thinking of how rude we were being. it should always be an honor to let guests stay in our home. oh by the way, his name is bob, just like my dad...well at least we'll have something to talk about. i dont think this family is saved, so this makes it even better to open our home. i hope things like this happen more often, ya know, awkward, unforeseen, slumber parties. who doesnt like these? i hope he will see Christ in our family. hey, the Bible says "be hospitable," well, we figured since his wifes in the hospital, why not...what about bob?


Kim said...

Hola chiquita! Good to have you around. I love to blog. It's fun and well, therapeutic. I'm looking forward to your thoughts.