Monday, June 15, 2009

too many robots.

Things from new york with the college group:

I <3 dick van dyke.

This huge [black] lady walked in to a restaurant wearing a very small very tight yellow dress. Andrew said ‘that looks like a bruised banana with a lot less peeling.’

Chunklet milk. Sick.

We went to wash dc. That’s short for Washington dc. Arlington cemetery. We saw the changing of the guards. The guards that guard the representative tomb of the unknown soldiers. These guards are real men. Real. men. We figured there is a ceremony for the changing of the grass cutters as well. heh. They are most likely in the mafia. With the same name. joe spino. (They were latino.)

My mafia name: guido. Which means moustache in Spanish.
unknown: mickey sears.
Unknown: tony.

At night I would hang my dora towel up to dry and I hung it over this standing light fixture. Dora was starring at everyone the entire night. Hilarious times.

Subway surfing. Holla.

For about 40 minutes I pretended like I was blind. We were walking around new york and Kristin was my guide. She is good. I got some weird looks. I know this bc 3 times I looked back at the people and cracked. I couldn’t handle it sometimes. THREE TIMES I looked at someone in their eye and started laughing. Luckily they were the only people that knew. The funniest times were when people would bump into me. And when I had to ‘search’ for the railing, to go down the stairs. Good times.

I know spaghetti when I see spaghetti.

Me and Andrew told everyone that a plane fell from the air and space museum. And crushed three people that were rushed to the hospital. We told everyone we witnessed it. they believed us all day. Suckers.

Gold bond peppermint makes your armpits tingle. And smell good.

I found the missing link. Gang member that got branded by two different gangs. Ball point pens.

Theme songs: superman, Jurassic park, and star wars sound the best together.

We were getting off the subway and some middle eastern man turned around to tell his wife something and then I repeated what he said and he heard me and gave me a weird look. Indian subway fiasco.

New york was a good trip.


Ann Marie said...

oh Pey you are too funny! and i'm so glad you finally got to go with us!!
Dora did kinda freak me out at night tho...esp with my contacts out, she was just a fuzzy figure...

Peyton said...

ohhhh me too. but you gotta love her. it was dora. in real life. like a life size barbie. ha.

Anonymous said...

mickey scars!!!

i heart d.v.d.