Tuesday, August 11, 2009

happy birthday antonio banderas. my love.

i havent blogged in years. welcome back party to me. welcome back to my life everyone. welcome back to my brains. all four of them.

good news. i purchased a record player. a working one. and records. working records. it is so good to be alive.

i have been reading a magical book. more books to read too.

my fish is still living. he is still handsome. hence the name el guapo. age hasnt done a thing to him.

i had the priveledge of being in a dear friends wedding from doe river gorge/tennessee last week. it was beautiful. my friends up there are so encouraging. i have missed them.

classes start monday. it makes me want to curse.

i will have to post some things about this summer soon. right now im just practicing since i havent blogged in...years.