Sunday, September 20, 2009

some of them didnt even have teeth.

me and my bf went garage saling this weekend. or garage sailing. heh. we went to a few flea markets. one of which we saw something very beautiful inside. ten very old men gathered playing guitars and singing. they were sitting in a circle. their songs consisted of old hymns. but they were upbeat and sounded somewhat bluegrass. we walked up and started listening to them and the old man on the mic said 'hey yall get up on this stage, we could use some talent by some young people!' and we laughed. they continued to play. we continued to dance off into the rest of the flea market.

ps i found some good treausures at the flea market. one item i purchased is a mary poppins silver spoon. except it is no longer very silver. its more of a gray color. it is a beaut. i heart mary poppins.