Tuesday, September 15, 2009

very large bow ties.

i usually walk to dinner, if im not in a hurry. well i saw something tonight that i usually dont see. ever. i saw a girl. with a lasso. lasso-ing a park bench. this is a true story. maybe she was pretending it was a cow. i do that sometimes. she might have been trying to impress a cowboy. since there are so many of those in florida. i would like to think she was training. for the gold. my friend eric made a good point..."at least the park bench didnt get away."

i was thinking about how different colors bring out peoples eyes. what if our eyes automatically changed colors to match your shirt? woa. magical. i would wear tie dye.

my first competitive college volleyball game is thursday. double header. i am very excited. however i had to take out my nose ring. rats. it was painful. emotionally.

fall is nearly here.

pretzel. prentzel. the second is the correct form.

me- 'hi, el guapo.'
el guapo- 'hi peyton.'
me- 'i like fish.'
el guapo- 'me too. your a fish.'


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