Tuesday, December 1, 2009

santa is magic. your not magic.

thanksgiving break was stupendous. stupid. stupidous. it was the least of stupid. a lot of events took place. a lot of good memories took place.

christmas is nearly here. i have already celebrated it thousands of times already. ive made 4 sets of paper snowflakes. i am ahead of schedule.

i was at the nielsens playing with the kids and shelly and dave were putting up the christmas tree. me and si and leah all sat in the christmas tree box and pretended we were a bobsled team. i love them so much.

i have a new book. its a stroke of a genius book. huh?

thanksgiving was excellent. not for the food but for the family. i love my family. and my grandmother. it should be the day we celebrate grandmothers. i want to be just like her. and my mom put together.

animals have much nicer souls than humans do. they never tell lies. or blow anybody up.

i went into the woods. with kristin at oak mountain. it was good to explore. florida doesnt have too many woods. we were walking and this biker guy rode by and said "do you have a license for those legs?" aka my life is complete.

one time when i was little i wished i had muscles like popeye.

my ambidextrous hand is doing quite well, thank you for asking.

i gave blood today. im such a great american. God bless the USA. God bless the blood givers. for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. ps the man that was taking my blood was sooooooo hilarious. i joked with him the whole time.

i love history of small towns. it is so beautiful to me.