Monday, December 6, 2010


Christmas time is nearly here. Ive already celebrated it thousands of times. I still need to make paper snowflakes.

Im reading The Time Machine. by H.G.Wells. Its a stroke of genius book...this time last year I was reading The Time Travelors Wife. Weird huh.

I need a good Christmasy book to read over the Christmas time break I'll be having soon.

I havent written with my ambidextrous hand in a while. Great. Just great.

No Shave November went very well thanks for asking. My hairs grew 2 times their regular size. Like the Grinch's heart. Which brings me to my next piece of information. I watched that movie for the first time this season last night. I felt so alive. Its my most favorite Christmas movie ever. Times ever.

About to take final number 1. Jesus take the wheel.