Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer can change the world.

Ive been thinking a lot this year about our country. I dont watch the news often, which has its benefits but also downfalls. I know whats going on but at the same time, dont. I dont want to say I dont care about the leadership of our country, Im just not interested. Our country is in a bad condition. And its only getting worse. I was convicted last semester about something. Prayer. I dont ever spend time in prayer for my country. And right now, its the only think I can do, effectively. When you think about it, its the only thing anyone can do. Its also the most important thing anyone can do.

I lead a 6th grade girls small group at church. And sometimes I forget the most important thing I can do for them is to pray for them.

Im going to start praying for my country. But I dont really know what to pray for. At least, specifically.

Im also praying for other nations, Japan. My heart has been heavy because of what theyre going through. Chaos. Some without food, shelter, or anything. Family. Im blessed to say I go to bed every night comforted, in a warm bed, feeling loved and even full. But I am broken-hearted for them.

Im praying for hope for them. To find eternal hope. The hope that changes people. Attitudes. And hearts. In the midst of confusion and turmoil there is hope. What we see as chaos, God sees as perfect order.