Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good cheer...

Last night my cousin Kessler and I built a tent. Honestly we werent as successful as we were hoping. We struggled in the beginning. Luckily, together, our minds are so creative we found a way. We hung fishing wire from different places and draped the sheets over them. We planned to hang up big bulb lights inside but they decided not to work. Blast. We filled it with blankets and pillows. It was cozy. It felt so safe. And warm. We made cookies and put icing on them and made tea. Earl Grey. Its like he was there. To add to our revelry, we watched Juno and 500 Days of Summer.

This was our inspiration:

This was ours:

Tay pott-ay:

"That man is richest whos pleasures are cheapest." -Henry David Thoreau.
We shared happiness.


Cassidy said...

I used to LOVE building tents with my sister. This brings back so many fun memories! :)