Sunday, June 19, 2011

Only a Few.

Im getting right to the nitty gritty. bc thats the sort of mood Im in. I have been neglectful in blogging. Things have just been going fast. I havent time to settle in and blog. I need to get my bearings. I dont like it. I havent had much time to breathe. Class. and since work started at the church. I love my church. I sort of have my own very small daycare. Im keeping the staff kids this summer at the church. I love being exhausted from playing with kids. Its good.

Its also good being in Gods will. Knowing you are doing what he wants you to do brings so much peace. Im always learning what peace means. Every season is different.

This weekend was spent with the Fountains. We always have fun adventures. Those kids have a big piece of my heart. They are all such treasures. Just know we make each other laugh a lot. They appreciate things like I do. Like the clouds. and movies. and late night talks. and drawings.

Goodbye. Wait, I take that back. Im not saying goodbye.