Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Becoming wiser.

The more I walk with Christ the more I will look like him.

He created me to be like him.

I really want to look like him. More than anything. I want to be an honest Christ Follower.

I have important decisions to make. Decisions that only I can make. They worry me. My peace will only be found in Christ.

God is teaching me to stand up for what is right. I am growing and slowly becoming an adult to where I have to decide whats right and decide whats worth fighting for. I have been faced with an issue. An issue that gives me the opportunity to stand firm about my own beliefs and convictions.

The Bible says to continually seek the things above.

What a better opportunity when stuck in between two things.

Above, is where my answers lie.

Above, is where my heart rests and finds peace.

Above, tells me whats worth fighting for.

And above, is where I find my boldness and strength to do so.