Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Think about it.

I pay attention to little things. Sometimes they are really little. I enjoy it. I appreciate the little things people do. and I am happy when I do little things for people.

Make efforts to do tiny encouraging things for people.

Even strangers.

Always be thinking of how you can help someone or make someone smile.

Know that they are struggling with something. Thats what I do. It makes it easier to be kind to them and help them.

Find different ways to say thanks. Whether its in person or not. Next time youre in the Starbucks drive through buy coffee for the next person in line. Take the time to talk to strangers. Ask them how their day is or when they get off work. Write a note to someone. Mail something to someone. Little things matter. Probably more than you know. bc whoever you blessed, probably wont tell you. And thats a good thing, bc if they did, we might get prideful. and then we might start doing it for us and not them.

Im trying to make this a habit. Im trying to keep my mind on others. Im trying to be more interested in people. Im trying to forget myself.

Kindness can change someone.


Lauren Crews said...

Hey girl! I nominated you for an award on my page!! Check it out!! Love your blog!

P.S. Happy late Birthday!!