Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Day. One for the Memory Books.

Today is the day of the Opening Ceremonies. I have waited all summer for this. So I felt like I should say a few words.

Off the top of my head I would hate to be in the Olympics for Badminton. Imagine people asking you what talent you had. You would have to proudly respond, "Badminton. I am a trained Badminton...person." What does that even involve, stretching? Eating right? Learning about birds? Working out your hands? I can set up a Badminton net in my back yard and play with the old lady next door. We could be Doubles Partners. Oh no. I'm totally imagining myself as an Olympian Badminton-er. Dangit. I don't hate it either.

I would like to be in the Olympics for High Diving. Now that is something. It's my favourite summer Olympic sport. I wouldn't want the entire world looking at me on a big screen in my bathing suit though. I would want a cute little vintage one piece. With our flag on it obviously. Actually, the whole thing could be a flag. Even my head cap.

My friend LauraLeigh (I like to do that as one word) is throwing a party. My heart is so full and grateful. My mom had this wind suit. It was basically one huge American Flag. I would give anything to be wearing that tonight. To be swallowed in our striped and stars. Nothing sounds more exciting. and terrifyingly hot.

So far this morning, I've made up two words. Olympicize. and Olympism. Oh! Olympists. Three. Make that three. I'll be referring to the Gymnasts as Olympists. or Olympasts. I accidentally tried to spell Gymnasts like this: Gymnists. I didn't accidentally, I did it on purpose because that's how I thought it was spelled.

Well I'm excited. I want the very best for the US of A. My hometown. My stompin grounds. All of our stompin grounds, really. Unless you are reading this from a different country. If that's the case, you're goin DOWN.

If the athletes would look anything like this now days...

Sammy Lee. Keepin it realz.

Happy Olympics!