Sunday, June 30, 2013

Learning to love the skies I'm under.

It's always hard to accept something when you are in the middle of it. To know there is something greater ahead is comforting but it doesn't always make the current situation easier. In a sense I am blind to what is happening now. It's true in some areas of life- that until it's taken away do we find the point. I am really trying to pay attention to the details with this one- this struggle- I'm trying to keep a healthy perspective. And not letting little negative thoughts creep in. It happens, but as long as I am aware that things will get better, things will get better. Something great is ahead. God and His plans are always perfect and always seem to be right on time. My job is not to change things or do what I want, my job is to keep the faith. I must have faith in the One who holds my life together and I have to trust that things are going to turn out far better than what I could've done on my own. God has a beautiful way of working things out. I look forward to the day when I can look back and TRULY be thankful. And see all the things that were adding up and see all the things God was doing when I didn't notice it. I want to notice it now but it's tough to see through my selfish eyes. I am trying though. And I am grateful for this current circumstance.

Romans 5- Because of Christ AND our faith in Him- "Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character, hope."

I serve a big God. All He asks is for me to believe that and trust Him wholeheartedly.


BeccaPitts said...

I needed to be reminded of this tonight. I know this was posted months ago but God can always use it. I watched the video you just posted on Instagram of you cheersing a cupcake and decided to go to page. So I clicked on yiur blogspot ljnk to see whats been going on in the world of Peyton Kirk.
But I know how this feels. I am going through the toughest season I've ever had to go through and it keeps getting tougher. And I was a little low a little while ago until I read this. God knew I needed to be reminded of this. So here's to keeping the faith!