Saturday, April 19, 2008

random thinkings.

i leave for camp in 24 days!...good ole rocky top woo, rocky top Tennessee!

my dad tells me that when i stand in front of the microwave (while its running) that its cooking my brain...

when i was little, i used to think that the trees make the wind...however, its the wind that makes the trees blow.

i got a ticket...not for speeding...not for having drugs in my car...not for shooting someone...but for not "completely stopping at a stop sign..." It was twelve o'clock MIDNIGHT, in a neighborhood, on my BIRTHDAY nonetheless...yep. $133. my parents werent even upset. that man is ridiculous. he was just bored. thanks for the present officer!

i babysat 4 kids all day yesterday. i am tired.

i had a dream last night that everybody i knew lived in a huge big top tent. and the only food we had was cheetos. mmm.

im pretty sure im going to montevallo in the fall. im gonna live with sampson and her roommate.
i love spring weather minus all the freakin POLLEN! my allergies. ugh. i cant even talk about the word pollen or ill start sneezing.

i turned in my TWO WEEKS NOTICE at J.Crew! im so relieved. i dont like that place. everybody ignores me bc they know im a Christ follower. but its ok. i did my best at working hard.

ive been watching The Office season two all week. sampson let me borrow it. im giving it back to her today and shes giving me season 1.

i like this quote:"michael and i have a very special connection, hes like the lone ranger and im like tonto...its not like it was the lone ranger and tonto...and bonto..." -dwight


teagirl79 said...

oh Pey! I will sad you are leaving us for the summer
however, i did enjoy the description of your dream...I really like cheetos..

Peyton said...

i know i missed everyone so much last time! haha thanks. it was really weird. i cant even describe it.