Sunday, April 27, 2008


approximately 16 days til i leave for camp.

i really like m&ms. prestons eating some right now, i can hear him.

i also really like the soundtrack to "Dan in Real Life," if you havent seen that movie, see it. its great. steve carell is hilarious.

i went to a wedding yesterday and i wore heels, and consequently i have blisters on my feet.

i am finally not working at J.Crew anymore. i am proud to say that yesterday was my last day. hallelujah.

my car was making a funny noise today. i think it needs more oil. or an oil change. or something. i remember in high school when quinn taught us how to change oil. but i dont really recall how to do so.

i watched Homeward Bound the other day, ya know, about the two dogs and cat that can talk...well, this is the only movie i will cry in. isnt that funny...i find it hard to cry to most movies, but for some reason when its about animals i will be balling at the end. (or in this case throughout the movie)

i love my fake glasses. everybody thinks they are real. haha psych.

i met a girl named wesley to day at church. ive never met a girl with that name.

finals are tomorrow. nuff said.



teagirl79 said...

hey! i watched homeward bound the other day too!! it was on TV...I cried as well...

Peyton said...

oh yeah we were probably watching it at the same time!!! i was watching it on tv as well:) and i always cry when sassy goes over the waterfall...and you can hear her meow all the way down:(