Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"My Final Year" by Brittani Sampson

i found this in the trunk of my car, i thought it was funny...and pretty good!

Its my final year
Its already here
Just a few more days
And my spirits will raise
I wont be depressed
Cause I wont be stressed
When my work is done
And whats left is fun
Summer fun, I mean
My schedule is clean
Al essays are through
No more homework due
No papers, problems
Teachers to slove them
Cause summer is here
But college is near
And my G.P.A.
Is on its way
to the admissions
Which I will wish on
For them to receive
And then to believe
That Im worth their time
Not a dozen a dime
Ill hold my head high
And time will pass by
Graduations here
So long, Final year!

(i wish this were talking about our final year of college!)