Friday, May 22, 2009

I went to the zoo today. I need a seal. This is serious. I need to have a seal and train it. train it to jump over me. When I raise my arms I want it to jump over me. And when I circle my hands it will flip. Also, i fed a giraffe. With my own hands. They were on the other side of the habitat, and I started waving this huge branch saying "come over here giraffes!" They came. I then broke a huge branch off and fed it to them. They ate it. And loved me.

Blueberries help you have long term memory. It’s very true.

I went to the barrons game with the nielsens last week. Josiah was petrified of the mascots. When they got close he would look at them and scream. It was a look of terror. . But then later all he wanted to do was give them a high five. I don’t know what happened.

The music to Jurassic park is inspiring. It makes me want to travel across America. On foot. With a walkie talkie in my hand. i would like to see dinosaurs. And study them. And look at how big their feet are. And look at my glass of water rippling as a dinosaur gets near.

Sunday hot dogs. Sundogs. Raindogs. Shrimpdogs.

I wish I could type out my dream as I was dreaming. Every detail. Beautiful. Dream typer. Brilliant.

Animated Lord of the Rings. Heh.

I love the rain the most. Joe purdy