Wednesday, May 6, 2009

indian princess.

i am highly anxious for summer. and camp.

i am going to antique stores friday. treasures to be found.

yoga is good.

so are oranges.

i just started a 1000 piece puzzle. oh my. its a picture of a boat, a house, and some tall grass.

i went on a walk yesterday and saw a dead snake.

finals next week. i am my study buddy. heh.


Anonymous said...

you will be missed at the gorge :(

Ann Marie said...

cant wait till youre back in bham to have fun adventures with us!

WV: "bradeum" a special labratory where they test new technologies in women's underclothes.

that was a super-good WV!

Peyton said...

me too!!! yaaaaay!

that was a perfect one. hahaha.

wv: "diatinta:" this is the label that is over the bathroom doors, that only allow diarreah.