Monday, May 4, 2009

tooth in a slingshot.

two good ole friends of mine came to me this weekend. kristin and meredith. yes. we had magical times. one night we watched a documentary called 'man on wire,' about a man who wire walked between the twin towers. we were amazed. that night i wore spandex bc i was positive i was going to dream about me doing the same. unfortunately, i didnt wire walk. i thought i would be prepared just in case. we also watched the 7th voyage of sinbad. it had a cyclopse in it. duh.

we went to the beach all day saturday. we saved a sea horse. we found a fun crab on our walk. on the way back, it was being eaten by a bird. we saw a million barnacles.

we are always looking for adventures. aka im really excited about this summer.

kristin: magical x 1,000,000. holla back.


Anonymous said...

holler. holler.